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controlpanel.cpp: Fix bug for "Disconnect" help

This fixes a bug in which providing empty data for the 'disconnect' command for controlpanel will return the 'reconnect' command's syntax help, which can confuse users.
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1 parent 0491e55 commit fd813c01afa8a90940f837bdc7a372f2a2ce5a18 TheLordOfTime committed Jan 29, 2013
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2 modules/controlpanel.cpp
@@ -879,7 +879,7 @@ class CAdminMod : public CModule {
CString sNetwork = sLine.Token(2);
if (sNetwork.empty()) {
- PutModule("Usage: Reconnect <username> <network>");
+ PutModule("Usage: Disconnect <username> <network>");

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