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SDR code

hardware requirements

  • needs a gnuradio-supported SDR with 2.4MS/s samplerate
  • needs a tuner with support for the DECT frequency range
  • rtlsdr with E4000 tuner works
  • rtlsdr with more popular R820T tuner does not work (can't tune to DECT frequency range)
  • tested with bladeRF and rtlsdr w/ E4000 tuner
  • should work with hackRF as well

software requirements

  • needs GNUradio
  • needs a dummy0 network device


  • make
  • create dummy0 interface: sudo modprobe dummy
  • start the dummy0 interface: sudo ifconfig dummy0 up
  • run dectrcv as root: sudo ./dectrcv
  • start the SDR part: ./
  • set channel, gain values and ppm
  • enjoy the DECT packets in wireshark