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IexFinder: Interactive Symbolic Calculation of Extreme Values

DOI Jupyter Lab: Binder Voila Web App: Binder(Binder)

Zoufiné Lauer-Baré (LinkedIn)


The exFinder web application calculates and visualizes interactively the extreme values of multivariate functions:

It is based mathematically on SymPy and NumPy and graphically on Jupyter Notebook, Plotly and Voila. It has step by step features, based on finding and characterizing stationary points by using the gradient and the Hessian, e.g. [Alt, 2002].

The exFinder project is listed in the Voila Gallery.

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Lauer-Bare, Z. (2021). IexFinder - Interactive Symbolic Calculation of Extreme Values (Version v1.0.2) [Computer software].

Usage: Enter a function in x and y in Pythonic form into the input field and click on the update button.


[Alt, 2002] Alt W. Nichtlineare Optimierung: Eine Einführung in Theorie, Verfahren und Anwendungen. Vieweg+Teubner Verlag; 2002.