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A webVR experience for kids by Jorge Fuentes made in a week with A-Frame.

Compatible with every 3DOF + 6DOF VR headset currently available. Just fire a local server up (I used XAMPP) and access it, no building required.

Credits & thanks

First and foremost, thanks to my old friend Julio Iglesias (not the singer) for suggesting the name for the experience and his invaluable help in the graphics department. Almost all of the textures were hand painted by him as well as many models' optimization and the werewolf animation during a partycoding style weekend.

Most of halloVReen's visuals and sounds use creative commons assets from Sketchfab and Freesound. Many thanks to each and all of you for sharing your work, it'd have been impossible to build this from scratch in such a short time: C. Anton, Ikregula, jakekieferwaddington, Yuliia Tsukanova, Hamsterspit, Cate, Flaremedia,, Azera, vijohnsyu, Marsilainen, scribbletoad, Mitch.harvey, VitSh, ulquiorraad, Natty23, NikoMyth, InspectorJ, Prosser, NaturesTemper, Harris85, Adam_N, Ceox, RTB45, bigjoedrummer, Kevin MacLeod.

Thanks to @feiss for the score counter bit. @dmarcos, @ngokevin, @fernandojsg and @Mozilla for creating A-Frame. @donmccurdy for his super useful animation-mixer component. And @mrdoob for three.js.

Many thanks to the Blender Foundation for giving us Blender as well. What a productive, amazing piece of software, open source or otherwise!

I made the rest: had the idea, kept the scope in check, programmed, modelled, rigged and animated.

Check more of my work at my website. I'm available for hire!


A Halloween webVR experience for kids.








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