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RNNLM implementation in java Language
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JRNNLM: Recurrent neural network implementation in JAVA.

Recurrent neural network implementation in JAVA.

The code is refactored for simplicity and extensibility.

Current version:

  • No class support
  • No direct connection support

How to test JRNNLM

Small size language model

java -cp "target/*:lib/*"

Normal size language model

java -cp "target/*:lib/*"

Parallel training (Still unstable)

java -cp "target/*:lib/*"

How to train a model for specific task

This code example shows how to train a simple language model. Change the parameters in RNNLMConfiguration for different tasks.

RNNLMConfiguration conf = new RNNLMConfiguration();
conf.trainFile = new File("data/your_training_file");
conf.validFile = new File("data/your_validation_file");
conf.hiddenSize = 50; // Size of hidden layer
conf.maxIters = 50; // Max iterations

RNNLM lm = new RNNLM(conf);

Size of Hidden Layer

  • < 1M words: 50 - 200
  • 1m - 10m words: 200 - 300
  • more words: the vocabulary size should be limited, rare words should be mapped to "<unk>"

Raphael Shu (2014) (still in process)

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