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A small hobby ads block dns project with doh, dot, dnscrypt support.


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All donations are welcome and any amount of money will help me to maintain this project 🥰


  • As of March 1, 2024, DoT can no longer be accessed via port 443. Please use the standard port 853 instead.
  • DoH and DoT downtime issue has been solved (2024-01-21). Sorry for the delay. ;)
  • DoH with XD curl -H 'content-type: application/dns-message' -vL -v '' | hexdump -C
  • Happy New Year 2023 ~
  • Singapore server has been migrate to HostHatch (2022-11-07)
  • Finland server will be discontinue at 2022-11-30 (Due to Hetzner price increase)
  • Beta support tld. .anon, .btn, .conf, .index, .merch, .mirror, .mob, .screen, .srv, .ygg
  • For more old announcements, go here
  • Temporary disable uncensored and CDN DoH, will spin another machine to handle those request

Our features

How to setup / config DoH DoT Dnscrypt 👇

Config: HERE for more details

Server architecture

Server (Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Singapore)

|-- Knot-resolver (DNS resolver, OpenNIC, ICANN, Alfis)
|-- Dnsdist (cache)
|   |   |-- DNSCryptv2 (encrypted-dns-server, port 8443 TCP/UDP)
|   |   |-- DoQ, port 784
|   |-- DoH/http3 (port 443/TCP/UDP port 443, tls version >= 1.2, require SNI)
|-- DoT (HAProxy, port 853, tls version >=1.2, require SNI)

Config file / Client

Awesome dns-resolver

Huge thanks to those OSS and ORG

  1. Knot-resolver
  2. m13253

Buy me some coffee ☕

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