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Panoptes Client

This package is the Python SDK for Panoptes, the platform behind the Zooniverse. This module is intended to allow programmatic management of projects, providing high level access to the API for common project management tasks.

Full documentation is available at Read the Docs.


Install latest stable release:

$ pip install panoptes-client

Or for development or testing, you can install the development version directly from GitHub:

$ pip install -U git+

Upgrade an existing installation:

$ pip install -U panoptes-client

The Panoptes Client is supported on all versions of Python 2 and 3, from Python 2.7 onwards.

Usage Examples

Create a project:

from panoptes_client import Panoptes, Project

Panoptes.connect(username='example', password='example')

new_project = Project()
new_project.display_name = 'My new project'
new_project.description = 'A great new project!'
new_project.primary_language = 'en'
new_project.private = True

See the documentation for additional examples.


We welcome bug reports and code contributions. Please see for information about how you can get involved.

Running the Tests

You can run the tests with Docker. This will run them under Python 3 and Python 2:

docker-compose build tests && docker-compose run tests
docker-compose build tests2 && docker-compose run tests2

Or you can run them directly in Python with:

python -m unittest discover