Brouter Mountainbike Profile
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a Brouter Mountainbike Profile

This profile tries to find routes suitable for mountainbikes. It tries to avoid major roads and focuses on tracks for uphills and paths/tracks for downhills where possible.

There are two major switches to modify the behaviour:

  • is_wet
  • false: normal behaviour (default)
  • true: try to avoid ways which are potentially unpleasant to ride when they are wet (for example ways with grass/earth surface)
  • avoid_unpaved (available only prior to v1.1.0)
  • true: normal behaviour (default), generate routes for XC/AM
  • false: generate harder routes (for example Enduro)

These parameters are configurable from within the Locus UI when used with Locus version 3.19 and up.

CAUTION: Locus ignores the default settings of the parameters when the profile is first configured! This means the avoid_unpaved parameter is set to false, which leads to the creation of harder routes in profile versions prior to v1.1.0! Please enable avoid_unpaved at the first setup if you want the default behaviour! This setting is global for all profiles configured in Locus. This is not a problem with other apps or brouter-web, as they are not aware of these parameters and thus use the default settings. Beginning from v1.1.0, the profile is split into two separate variants (normal/hard), so this is not a problem any more.



  • initial version


  • refactor to syntax alternatives (should improve the readability)


  • correction to make Locus parameter switches work again


  • split into normal/hard versions of the profile, removed avoid_unpaved parameter