LaTeX: Reimplementation of epic/eepic features using pict2e engine
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BXeepic Package

LaTeX: Reimplementation of epic/eepic features using pict2e engine

The eepic package (authored by Conrad Kwok) is one of packages to provide small-size extention to the picture environment of LaTeX (and epic package) and employs the tpic drawing feature of DVI-wares. Back in 1990--2000 the use of epic + eepic was widespread because many of the legacy DVI-wares (dvips, dvipdfmx, etc.) support tpic (and thus eepic extension). But pdfTeX engine has never supported tpic. As consequence, the use of epic + eepic was gradually replaced by pict2e as pdfTeX became more popular.

In most cases drawings using epic + eepic are easily converted to pict2e ones, but there are features that eepic supports but pict2e does not --- e.g. ellipsis, dashed line. The present package provides almost full features of epic + eepic implemented on pict2e engines. Thus one can make epic + eepic drawings work on pdfTeX; moreover, one can use eepic and pict2e in the same document.


  • *.sty, *.def → $TEXMF/tex/latex/bxeepic


Load this package after loading pict2e.

\usepackage[<pict2e options>]{pict2e}

If pict2e is not yet loaded in loading bxeepic then it is loaded automatically, and in this case every option given to bxeepic will be passed to pict2e.

\usepackage[<pict2e options>]{bxeepic}

This package provides all commands of epic and eepic packages, except the following:

  • Shading: \blacken, \whiten, \shade, \texture, \filltype
  • Dashed line with dotted dashes: the second optional argument of \dashline is ignored.
  • Dotted line with user-defined dots: the optional argument of \dottedline is ignored.


  • When behavior of a command differs btween eepic and epic, then that of eepic is adopted.
  • When behavior of a command differs btween pict2e and eepic, then that of pict2e is adopted.
  • However, \arc command can be used either in pict2e or eepic syntax; when it looks like \arc{...}{...}{...} then eepic syntax is assumed.
  • When bxeepic is loaded, both epic and eepic packages are marked as ‘already-loaded’; so one can load bxeepic earlily and then the packages that rely on epic and eepic will work happily.

Revision History

  • Version 0.2 <2013/04/28>
    • The bxdpxp2e module, which provides proper support for dvipdfmx, was abolished because the recent pic2e (>=v0.2y) has the support.
    • Documentation.
  • Version 0.1 <2010/08/08>
    • The first public version.

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR")