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zaw - zsh anything.el-like widget


$ git clone git://
remote: Counting objects: 136, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (86/86), done.
remote: Total 136 (delta 43), reused 136 (delta 43)
Receiving objects: 100% (136/136), 23.68 KiB, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (43/43), done.
$ echo "source ${PWD}/zaw/zaw.zsh" >> ~/.zshrc

and restart zsh or manualy source zaw.zsh.


  1. Trigger zaw by pressing Ctrl-x ; (^x;).

  2. select source and press enter.

  3. filter items with zsh patterns separated by spaces, use ^N, ^P and select one.

  4. execute action by pressing enter key or press Meta-enter for alternative action.

    instead, press tab key and select action you want to execute.


currently these sources are available:

  • aliases
  • applications
  • bookmark
  • cdr (needs cdr enabled. Google it or use this packaged version)
  • commands
  • command-output
  • fasd
  • fasd-directories
  • fasd-files
  • functions
  • git-branches
  • git-recent-all-branches
  • git-recent-branches
  • git-files
  • git-files-legacy
  • git-log
  • git-reflog
  • git-status
  • history
  • locate
  • open-file
  • perldoc
  • process
  • programs
  • screens
  • searcher (ag/ack)
  • ssh-hosts
  • tmux
  • widgets

(Note: git-files-legacy is an alternative for git-files. git-files classifies modified files, git-files-legacy doesn't do it for performance reason.)

Additional sources can be installed as third-party plugins. Here is a list of all the ones we know about. Please let us know about any more you find or make! Installation is easiest with a plugin manager such as zgen. Otherwise you can just source the .zsh file that contains the source.

shortcut widgets

zaw automaticaly create shortcut widgets for each sources that directly access to the source.

for example, execute bindkey '^R' zaw-history and press ^R to access history source.

you can get all available shortcut widgets' name using zaw-print-src:

$ zaw-print-src
source name      shortcut widget name
ack              zaw-ack
applications     zaw-applications
bookmark         zaw-bookmark
git-branches     zaw-git-branches
git-recent-all-branches     zaw-git-recent-all-branches
git-recent-branches     zaw-git-recent-branches
git-files        zaw-git-files
git-files-legacy zaw-git-files-legacy
git-status       zaw-git-status
history          zaw-history
open-file        zaw-open-file
perldoc          zaw-perldoc
process          zaw-process
screens          zaw-screens
ssh-hosts        zaw-ssh-hosts
tmux             zaw-tmux
fasd             zaw-fasd
fasd-directories zaw-directories
fasd-files       zaw-files

key binds and styles

zaw use filter-select to filter and select items.

you can use these key binds:

enter:              accept-line (execute default action)
meta + enter:       accept-search (execute alternative action)
Tab:                select-action
^G:                 send-break
^H, backspace:      backward-delete-char
^F, right key:      forward-char
^B, left key:       backward-char
^A:                 beginning-of-line
^E:                 end-of-line
^W:                 backward-kill-word
^K:                 kill-line
^U:                 kill-whole-line
^N, down key:       down-line-or-history (select next item)
^P, up key:         up-line-or-history (select previous item)
^V, page up key:    forward-word (page down)
^[V, page down key: backward-word (page up)
^[<, home key:      beginning-of-history (select first item)
^[>, end key:       end-of-history (select last item)

and these zstyles to customize styles:

':filter-select:highlight' selected
':filter-select:highlight' matched
':filter-select:highlight' marked
':filter-select:highlight' title
':filter-select:highlight' error
':filter-select' max-lines
':filter-select' rotate-list
':filter-select' case-insensitive
':filter-select' extended-search
':filter-select' hist-find-no-dups
':filter-select' escape-descriptions
':zaw:<source-name>' default <func_name>
':zaw:<source-name>' alt <func_name>

  zstyle ':filter-select:highlight' matched fg=yellow,standout
  zstyle ':filter-select' max-lines 10 # use 10 lines for filter-select
  zstyle ':filter-select' max-lines -10 # use $LINES - 10 for filter-select
  zstyle ':filter-select' rotate-list yes # enable rotation for filter-select
  zstyle ':filter-select' case-insensitive yes # enable case-insensitive search
  zstyle ':filter-select' extended-search yes # see below
  zstyle ':filter-select' hist-find-no-dups yes # ignore duplicates in history source
  zstyle ':filter-select' escape-descriptions no # display literal newlines, not \n, etc
  zstyle ':zaw:git-files' default zaw-callback-append-to-buffer # set default action for git-files
  zstyle ':zaw:git-files' alt zaw-callback-edit-file # set the alt action for git-files

    If this style set to be true value, the searching bahavior will be
    extended as follows:

    ^ Match the beginning of the line if the word begins with ^
    $ Match the end of the line if the word ends with $
    ! Match anything except the word following it if the word begins with !
    so-called smartcase searching

    If you want to search these metacharacters, please doubly escape them.

environment variable

ZAW_EDITOR editor command. If this variable is not set, use EDITOR value. ZAW_EDITOR_JUMP_PARAM open editor command with line params.

%LINE% is replaced by line number. %FILE% is replaced by file path. default +%LINE% %FILE%

making sources

If you want to make another source, please do! Look at as an example of how to make a source repo. Note that it uses the <name>.plugin.zsh convention that plugin managers like zgen and antigen expect for its main file. The sources directory contains the files for the actual sources. All the sources in this repository's sources directory are good references as well for what the source files should look like. They tend to be quite simple. If your source requires any additional configuration or dependencies, be sure to list all of that in your project's README file.

Let us know when you make new plugins so we can add them to our list!




zsh anything.el-like widget.







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