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WARNING: This repo is no longer maintained. It's archived and read-only.


Vanilla Bootstrap

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A vanilla Bootstrap theme for Hugo.

Table of Contents


Minimum Hugo version

Hugo version 0.81.0 or higher is required. View the Hugo releases and download the binary for your OS.


From the root of your site:

git submodule add themes/vanilla-bootstrap-hugo-theme


From the root of your site:

git submodule update --remote --merge

Run example site

From the root of themes/vanilla-bootstrap-hugo-theme/exampleSite:

hugo server --themesDir ../..


Copy config.yaml from the exampleSite, then edit as desired.

Homepage content

By default, the homepage uses the config file's homeText param for content.

If you wish to provide content from a file, then create content/ and it will be used instead. For example:

title: Home

Homepage content goes here.



Uses Bootstrap blockquotes to format your blockquotes nicely. Pass the quote inside the shortcode. The author argument is optional.

Here's an actual usage, and here's an example usage:

{{< bootstrap-blockquote author="Carl Jung" >}}
Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.
{{< /bootstrap-blockquote >}}


Uses Bootstrap tables to format your tables nicely. Pass the markdown table inside the shortcode, then pass the classes as an argument.

Here's an actual usage, and here's an example usage:

{{< bootstrap-table "table table-dark table-striped table-bordered" >}}
| Animal  | Sounds |
| Cat     | Meow   |
| Dog     | Woof   |
| Cricket | Chirp  |
{{< /bootstrap-table >}}


Uses Bootstrap cards and Hugo image processing to display your page bundle images nicely. Only the img, command, and options arguments are required.

Here's an actual usage, and here's an example usage:

{{< bootstrap-card
title="The Sun"
text="The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System."
style="" >}}

Getting help

If you run into an issue that isn't answered by this documentation or the exampleSite, then visit the Hugo forum. The folks there are helpful and friendly. Before asking your question, be sure to read the requesting help guidelines.


In addition to Bootstrap and Hugo, thank you to:


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