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Reliance Auto Login Script
Copyright (c) 2009 Kunal Dua,
Copyright (c) 2012 Anoop John,
Usage: [login|logout|*]
  login - Logs in.
  logout - Disconnect.
  * - Print help and exit

If there are no arguments it runs in an infinite loop and will try to remain connected to the internet.

Setup Instructions
a) Copy script to your favorite scripts folder.
b) Edit script to update username and password with your Reliance login 
   information. This is in function internet_connect
c) Add script to your list of startup processes. 

Different ways of using the script
1) Add a shortcut to your task bar to launch the script with the parameter
2) Add the script to your startup processes without any parameters. This will
   keep the script running in the background and the script will keep the
   connection alive.