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Printable Atom Cheatsheet for Linux and Windows
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Atom Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Linux

Download PDF


Because Ctrl >


Ctrl+, Settings
Ctrl+Shift+P Toggle command palette
Ctrl+Alt+R Reload Atom
Ctrl+Shift+M Markdown Preview
Ctrl+Alt+I Toggle Developer Tools
Ctrl+. Toggle Key Binding Resolver
Alt+Shift+S Show snippets

Files & Folders

Ctrl+N New file
Ctrl+Shift+N New Window
Ctrl+O Open file
Ctrl+P Open file (using search)
Ctrl+Shift+O Open folder
Ctrl+ S Save
Ctrl+ Shift + S Save as
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab Move to next/previous tab
Alt+[1-9] Show Specific Tab
Ctrl+ W Close tab
Ctrl+K Ctrl+Alt+W Close other tabs


Ctrl+G Go to line
Ctrl+L Select line
Ctrl+Shift+D Duplicate line
Ctrl+Shift+K Delete line
Ctrl+/ Move line up/down
Ctrl+/ Toggle line comment

Words and Characters

Alt+/ Move to of previous/next word
Alt+B/F Move to of begin/end of word
Alt+Shift+B/F Select to of begin/end of word
Shift+/ Select to of begin/end of character

Find and Replace

Ctrl+F Find in current file
Ctrl+Shift+F Find in project
F3/Shift+F3 Find next/previous
Ctrl+Enter Replace all


Ctrl++/- Increase / decrease text size
Ctrl+0 Reset text size

Tree View

Ctrl+K Ctrl+B Toggle tree view
A Add file
Shift + A Add folder


Ctrl+K /// Split up/down/left/right
Ctrl+K Ctrl+/// Focus up/down/left/right
Ctrl+K Ctrl+W Close pane

Recommended packages

( To install package, use apm install)

open-in-browser Ctrl+Alt+Q Open in browser
minimap minimap:toggle Toggle minimap


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