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Library Powered By

This library is powered by Entity Framework Extensions

Entity Framework Extensions


This is a .NET Core / Standard port of the Microsoft assembly for the .Net 4.0 Dynamic language functionality.


With this library it's possible to write Dynamic LINQ queries (string based) on an IQueryable:

var query = db.Customers
    .Where("City == @0 and Orders.Count >= @1", "London", 10)
    .Select("new(CompanyName as Name, Phone)");

Interpolated strings are supported on .NET 4.6(and above), .NET Core 2.1(and above), .NET Standard 1.3(and above) and UAP 10.0(and above). For example:

string cityName = "London";
int c = 10;
db.Customers.WhereInterpolated($"City == {cityName} and Orders.Count >= {c}");

Useful links


  Chat Gitter
  Issues GitHub issues
  CI Workflow CI Workflow
  System.Linq.Dynamic.Core NuGet
  EntityFramework.DynamicLinq NuGet
  Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DynamicLinq NuGet
  Z.EntityFramework.Classic.DynamicLinq NuGet

Development Details


The following frameworks are supported:

  • net35, net40, net45, net46 and up
  • netstandard1.3, netstandard2.0 and netstandard2.1
  • netcoreapp3.1, net5.0, net6.0 and net7.0
  • uap10.0

Fork details

This fork takes the basic library to a new level. Contains XML Documentation and examples on how to use it. Also adds unit testing to help ensure that it works properly.

Some background: I forked from and added some more functionality there.
My fork is still visible on github [], however I decided to start a new project + nuget to avoid confusion and create the project according to the new VS2017 + .NET Core rules / standards.

However, currently there are multiple nuget packages and projects available:

Project NuGet Author Comment
kahanu/System.Linq.Dynamic System.Linq.Dynamic @kahanu -
kavun/System.Linq.Dynamic.3.5 System.Linq.Dynamic.3.5/ @kavun only 3.5 and VB.NET
NArnott/System.Linq.Dynamic System.Linq.Dynamic.Library @NArnott removed from github + nuget ?
dynamiclinq.codeplex - dialectsoftware -
dynamic-linq - scottgu -


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