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Quilt Representation of Intel Android Weekly Builds


Intel makes a weekly release of its android kernel available to customers in the form of a git branch. In order to make the changes easier to quantify, an equivalent quilt representation of each of these kernels is released here. The subject line of the commit can be used to correlate the quilt representation to the separately released git source.


At the top level of the project, there is a separate directory for each of the SOC and android desserts available. In this first release, there is just one quilt at:

uefi/cht-m1stable (CherryTrail Marshmallow release)


Within a quilt directory, these are the files that are present:

  • TechnicalDebt.csv: A list of the patch files included in the current version of the quilt, with an associated group name for each. The field names are in the first line of the file.

  • TechnicalDebtSummary.csv: A list of the groups from the TechnicalDebt.csv file, along with the patch count for each. The field names are in the first line of the file.

  • ChangeReport.txt: A description of the changes from the previous weekly build of the same kernel.

  • The same as ChangeReport.txt but in markdown format.

  • patches/: A directory the series file and patches that comprise the quilt

  • patches/series: A list of the patches and the order they should be applied to create the kernel source for the weekly build. Note that the base KERNEL_VERSION from is specified in a comment in the first line of the series file.


Look at the first line in the patches/series file to get the kernel version, and create a source tree (using git clone or by downloading a tar-ball). In the top level of the kernel source tree, copy the patches directory from the ProductionKernelQuilts github project. Then use "quilt push -a" to apply the quilt.

Please see "man quilt" for more information about the quilt command.