Redis C++ client, support the data slice storage, support the connection pool
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C++ Redis client, support the data slice storage, connection pool, read/write separation.


  • data slice storage
  • support Redis master slave connection, Support read/write separation
  • connection pool
  • simultaneously connected multiple data slice groups
  • most Redis commands have been implemented
  • multi thread safety
  • suport linux and windows



xredis requires hiredis only


First step install libhiredis, on a Debian system you can use:

sudo apt-get install libhiredis-dev

on centos/redhat/fedora system you can use:

sudo yum install hiredis-devel

Then checkout the code and compile it

git clone
cd xredis
sudo make install



xRedis API Site

See examples directory for some examples

blog: xSky's Blog

xRedis QQ Group: 190107312