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wp hammer cleans your WordPress site of personally identifiable information and extra content
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WP Hammer

wp ha is a multi-tool. You can use it to clean your environment of personally identifiable information and extra content (posts and users) that are not necessary.

Support Level MIT License


WARNING All changes are final and modify your site DB. Make sure you take a backup of your database BEFORE you play around with the tool wp db export

Before You Begin

Make a copy of your database.


This tool will help you work on a client's site without having to worry about any of their user's personal information (emails, post content etc) being hosted on your dev environment.


Make sure you have wp-cli installed and in your $PATH. Following that, run this command in your terminal:

wp package install ivankruchkoff/wp-hammer


With wp ha you can:

Clean up user emails.

wp ha -f users.user_email=''

Clean up user passwords.

To auto generate passwords: wp ha -f users.user_pass=auto

To set all passwords to password: wp ha -f users.user_pass=password

Replace posts with dummy posts.

wp ha -f posts.post_content=markov,posts.post_title=random

Remove extra users.

wp ha -l users=10

Remove extra Posts.

wp ha -l posts=100

Or you can chain tasks together like in the following example, which we'll break down in parts as the syntax is fairly powerful wp ha -f posts.post_author=auto,users.user_pass=auto,users.user_email='',posts.post_title=ipsum,posts.post_content=markov -l users=10,posts=100.post_date

wp ha How you invoke the command


wp ha -f posts.post_author=auto users.user_pass=__user_email__UMINtHeroJEreAGleC users.user_email='' posts.post_title=ipsum posts.post_content=markov posts.post_author is set to a random user ID (from those that will remain after we've performed any adjustments to the users) users.user_pass is set to the user email followed by UMINtHeroJEreAGleC users.user_email='' - __ID__ is replaced by the user ID posts.post_title=ipsum replaces all post_titles with auto-generated lorem ipsum posts.post_content=markov replaces all post_content with randomly generated content, using markov chains for the specified post_content


-l users=10 posts=page.100.post_date,post.50.post_content.length users=10 only the first 10 users remain posts=page.100.postdate,post.50.post_content.length We keep the following posts: post type = page, 100 posts sorted by postdate, descending post type = post, 50 posts with the longest post_content

Another example

wp db import production.sql && wp ha posts.post_author=auto,users.user_pass=XGRwPjb7uFD5de23,users.user_email='',posts.post_title=ipsum,posts.post_content=markov -l users=10 && wp db export staging.sql

Support Level

Active: 10up is actively working on this, and we expect to continue work for the foreseeable future including keeping tested up to the most recent version of WordPress. Bug reports, feature requests, questions, and pull requests are welcome.


Created by Ivan Kruchkoff (@ivankk), at

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