Custom Ender Dragon loot to reward your players greatly! (Active Fork of PixelStix's DragonEggDrop)
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"Reward your players with a dragon egg / loot chest after every Ender Dragon battle in a grand fashion!"

Of course it's incredibly rewarding to kill that Ender Dragon that's been lurking on your server for quite some time, disrupting the endermen in their natural habitat, The End. But what benefit do your players get from killing the Ender Dragon!? The satisfaction and bragging rights of killing one of the end-game bosses in the game!? What if you could provide your players with more?

The entire goal of this plugin is to give a reason for your players to want to kill the Ender Dragon, and continue to do so as many times as they would like without having to farm for those notorious End Crystals.

  • Custom Ender Dragon loot drop with randomized loot chests or custom Dragon Eggs
  • Infinite Ender Dragon respawn rates! Hours upon hours of senseless draconic murder!
  • Randomized configurable dragon names displayed in the boss bar
  • Custom particle effects for animations after the dragon's death

Death Animation - Ball Death Animation - Cylinder

This plugin is a fork of NinjaStix's DragonEggDrop plugin that was no longer maintained after an immense time of inactivity from the author. This was a request from a user to allow for 1.11.2 support, but I thought I would go above and beyond to support 1.9.x - 1.12.x servers and above! This is an actively maintained resource, and the successor to the original DragonEggDrop.


There are very little features provided in the plugin as most functionality is provided in the mechanics of the dragon's death. However, there are some commands to allow the addition of items to the loot.yml file, and to permit version information

/dragoneggdrop (Alias... /ded): See a basic overview of the plugin, its author(s) and version information Arguments:

  • /dragoneggdrop reload - Reload the plugin's configuration file
  • /dragoneggdrop help - Retrieve help information for all possible commands
  • /draggoneggdrop addloot - Add an item to the loot.yml with a specified random weight


Of course, many of these commands would not make sense to allow your players to use. There are permissions for all sub-commands of the /dragoneggdrop command, and they are as followed: - Allow access to the "help" subcommand dragoneggdrop.reload - Allow access to the "reload" subcommand dragoneggdrop.addloot - Allow access to the "addloot" subcommand

Source Code

Of course, given that NinjaStix's original DragonEggDrop resource was open sourced and licensed under the "GNU General Public License", I am legally obligated to open source this project and provide source code alongside the download of this plugin. Due to this, releases for this project will be made here on GitHub and source code will always be readily available.

You are currently on the GitHub page for DragonEggDrop Revival, and of course, NinjaStix's inactive repository can be found here:

You are more than welcome to fork and PR this resource, or even request features / report bugs. Be sure to do so on the Issue Tracker in which I will be able to actively maintain bug reports and feature requests. It is rather difficult for me to manage them in either the review section or the Discussion thread, so please do not hesitate to visit the tracker if you are having any issues.

As an added bonus, if you'd like to check this project's Javadocs, you are more than welcome to browse them here. Please note that these Javadocs may be either ahead of the current release or slightly before it. I update these manually: