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Paperboy is a tiny .pdf management utility.

Motivated by the frustration of having a download folder full of PDFs with names like 'I08.pdf' and '1412.4880.pdf', I wanted a way of efficiently renaming those documents that I saved for later reading.

This tool helps with that. It will rename/move documents to a specified folder, and it even gives some filename suggestions by looking at the file content and the pdf metadata.

Paperboy keeps its file management dumb on purpose (no keeping files in a database or hidden library folder), so you can uninstall it at any time and your files will remain perfectly accessible.


  • Open a new file import dialog with Space or Enter.
  • Switch between the library and the inbox with Tab.
  • Open a file from the library with Enter or Space.
  • Quit the application with Esc or Ctrl + c.


Homebrew on macOS

If you're a Homebrew user, you can install the latest version and its dependencies from the repo's tap:

$ brew install 2mol/tools/pboy

Get the binary release

Download the archive for your operating system from https://github.com/2mol/pboy/releases. Extract and install it with

$ tar zxvf pboy*.tar.gz
$ mv pboy ~/.local/bin/

For the latter to work, ~/.local/bin/ needs to exist and be in your PATH. Alternatively, put it in /usr/local/bin.


Make sure you have poppler installed, which will provide both pdftotext and pdfinfo. On Linux, install poppler with your package manager of choice. If you are on Mac and using Homebrew you can do brew install poppler.

Assuming you have stack, the following will compile, then install the pboy executable in your .local/bin:

$ git clone git@github.com:2mol/pboy.git
$ cd pboy
$ stack install


If you have Nix, then you can install pboy with one command:

$ nix-env -if https://github.com/2mol/pboy/tarball/master

If you only build it, then simply do

$ git clone git@github.com:2mol/pboy.git
$ cd pboy
$ nix-build


Paperboy creates a .pboy.toml in your home directory. Use this to change your library and incoming folders, as well as to specify whether you want to move the imported files or just copy them.

Current Limitations

For large files, pdftotext can take quite a long time to parse the document, which is stupid because we're only using the first couple of lines for file name suggestions.


You're very welcome to open issues, fix the Readme or send pull requests.

If you have feature suggestions, please open an issue, or send a PR against the todo file https://github.com/2mol/pboy/blob/master/Todo.md.

If you are just looking for a place to help, please see the abovementioned document to get an idea of what some of the next priotities are.


  • brick is a lovely way to a write a command-line UI.
  • nmattia did the work to get Paperboy to build with nix and patiently explained some of the basics to me.

The name 'Paperboy' is a reference to this game, which I had for the NES and never quite mastered.