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Nix, the purely functional package manager
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edolstra Merge pull request #3325 from xzfc/clean-tmpdir
nix-shell: clean up the tmpDir and escape variables
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.github Remove .github/FUNDING.yml Jul 23, 2019
config update config/config.{sub,guess} Aug 13, 2018
contrib function-trace: always show the trace Sep 18, 2019
corepkgs Remove most of <nix/config.nix> Nov 26, 2019
doc/manual Merge pull request #3332 from Calvin-L/patch-1 Feb 19, 2020
m4 autoconf: Fix C++17 detection not working on Ubuntu 16.04. Jul 3, 2019
maintainers Fix sshfs call Sep 4, 2019
misc Make nix-daemon.plist less fragile on macOS Oct 9, 2019
mk Fix precompiled-headers generation Dec 5, 2019
nix-rust Remove macro_use Feb 10, 2020
perl Make the Store API more type-safe Dec 10, 2019
scripts installer: Handle edge case where the nix-daemon is already running o… Jan 23, 2020
src Merge pull request #3325 from xzfc/clean-tmpdir Feb 19, 2020
tests Fix derivation computation with __structuredAttrs and multiple outputs Jan 21, 2020
.dir-locals.el Add .dir-locals.el for Emacs Jan 28, 2016
.editorconfig Add .editorconfig Jun 5, 2017
.gitignore Merge pull request #2748 from edolstra/rust Nov 29, 2019
.travis.yml travis: enable linux builds Oct 31, 2019
.version Bump version Sep 4, 2019
COPYING * Change this to LGPL to keep the government happy. Apr 25, 2006
Makefile Add some Rust code Nov 26, 2019 libarchive proof of concept Dec 7, 2019 Add Open Collective Jul 18, 2019 bootstrap: Simplify & make more robust. Sep 6, 2011 Merge branch 'libarchive' of Dec 19, 2019
precompiled-headers.h Fix macOS build Nov 7, 2019
release-common.nix Build with large config Boehm GC Feb 18, 2020
release.nix Use Nixpkgs 20.03 Feb 19, 2020
shell.nix Use Nixpkgs 20.03 Feb 19, 2020

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Nix, the purely functional package manager

Nix is a new take on package management that is fairly unique. Because of its purity aspects, a lot of issues found in traditional package managers don't appear with Nix.

To find out more about the tool, usage and installation instructions, please read the manual, which is available on the Nix website at


Take a look at the Hacking Section of the manual. It helps you to get started with building Nix from source.


Nix is released under the LGPL v2.1

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit.

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