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Embeddable Package Manager. NuGet / Chocolatey Client. And the lightweight portable tool for work with packages. (pure implementation without powershell or dotnet-cli)

Build status release License

> gnt                                           # Executable version - full logic inside single script
> msbuild gnt.core                              # Full & Compact versions to execute via MSBuild
[NuGet gnt.raw("/t:pack /p:ngin=\"7z.Libs\"")]  # Compiled variant via SobaScript

just try it:

gnt /p:ngpackages="Conari;regXwild"             # To get `Conari` & `regXwild` packages
gnt /t:pack /p:ngin="bin\DllExport"             # To create new NuGet package from .nuspec
msbuild gnt.core /p:ngpackages="LuNari/1.6.0"   # To get `LuNari` package v1.6.0
gnt /p:ngconfig="packages.config"               # Use `packages.config`
gnt /p:ngpackages="putty.portable/0.69"

Download: /releases [ latest stable ] - Full version, Minified version, Compiled variant, Executable version

Projects on GetNuTool core

  • hMSBuild - Compiled text-based embeddable pure batch-scripts for searching of available MSBuild tools. VS2017+, VS2015, VS2013, VS2010, other versions from .NET Framework. Contains gnt.core for work with NuGet packages and more...
  • .NET DllExport Manager - It was based on GetNuTool core that's Cross-Platform Embeddable Package Manager that requires only MSBuild. Finally it just aggregates calling to Wizard that was based on MvsSln.

Demo use


Licensed under the MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015-2018,2020  Denis Kuzmin < > GitHub/3F

GetNuTool contributors:

[ Donate ]

We're waiting for your awesome contributions!

Why GetNuTool ?

It was initially developed to provide tool for servicing projects, libraries, and other related build processes as the tool for all projects at once (solution-level) and for each separately.

But! You can also consider it like a more lightweight but still powerful nuget client for receiving packages or for creating new. Seriously, we already use it for many projects like:

Because it easy, open, and free.

Restoring packages inside Visual Studio IDE

GetNuTool can't use events from Visual Studio by default. However, it can be combined with other tool for complex work with lot of events of VS IDE & MSBuild:

Thus, you can use this as you want, for example, automatically getting tool above for complex scripting in MSBuild & Visual Studio as unified engine and so on.

Main features

  • Getting the all selected .nupkg packages from any NuGet server (+Chocolatey) from user list with formats below.
    • Two formats: list from .config files or direct from string.
  • Extracting the all data from .nupkg into path by default or specific for each package.
    • +Custom naming for each package with ignoring for already downloaded packages.
  • Dependencies are not considered! get it manually as other packages above.
  • NuGet events (Init.ps1, Install.ps1, Uninstall.ps1) currently are not considered. Call it manually from /tools.
  • Creating new (packing) NuGet packages as .nupkg by using .nuspec
  • Wrapping of any package in one executable file, for example:
  • With our .packer can be easily embedded inside of any scripts, such for pure batch-script hMSBuild
  • A lot of versions for your comfortable work - Full version, Minified version, Compiled variant, Executable version.
  • ...



The get command is used by default. For getting & extracting packages. You can also use it as /t:get


Property Description Default values
ngconfig Where to look the packages.config files. v1.6+ packages.config, v1.0 - v1.5: .nuget\packages.config
ngserver NuGet server. v1.0+
ngpackages List of packages. Use it first if defined, otherwise find via ngconfig v1.0+ empty
ngpath Common path for all packages. v1.0+ packages
wpath v1.4+ To define working directory. v1.4+ The absolute path of the directory where the GetNuTool is located.
proxycfg v1.6.2+ To configure connection via proxy. v1.6.2+ empty. Format: [usr[:pwd]@]host[:port]


msbuild gnt.core /p:ngpath="special-packages/new"
msbuild gnt.core /p:ngconfig=".nuget/packages.config" /p:ngpath="../packages"
gnt /p:ngpackages="Conari" /p:proxycfg="guest:1234@"

Format of packages list

Attribute Description Example
id Identifier of package. Conari
version (Optional) Version of package. 1.3.0 or 1.3-beta2 or 1.3-RC etc
output (Optional) Path to write package data. ../tests/ConariForTest

Multiple packages via delimiters:

  • ;
    • id1;id2;id3 Optional, starting from 1.7+. Means usage as an delimiter only when the | is not found.
  • |
    • id1:dir;name|id2 Package id1 into directory dir;name and package id2 in ngpath path.

To use via arguments:


To use via packages.config:

  <package id="ident" version="1.2.0" />
  <package id="ident.second" version="15.0" output="path" />

Note: Attributes for v1.2+ are case sensitive now. Use lowercase for id, version, output ...

Format of ngconfig


Multiple config files via delimiters:

  • ; - v1.6+ (Optional, starting from 1.7+. Means usage as an delimiter only when the | is not found.)
  • | - v1.0+


The pack command. For creating the new .nupkg packages by .nuspec specification. Use it as /t:pack


Property Description
ngin To select path to directory for packing with .nuspec file.
ngout Optional path to output the final .nupkg package.
wpath v1.4+ To define working directory.
> msbuild gnt.core /t:pack /p:ngin="path to .nuspec"
> msbuild gnt.core /t:pack /p:ngin="path to .nuspec" /p:ngout="path for .nupkg"


Property Values Description
debug false (by default), true v1.3+ To display additional information from selected command.


note: v1.4+ also provides executable variant of GetNuTool.

> gnt /p:ngpackages="Conari" 
> msbuild gnt.core /p:ngpackages="DllExport" 
> msbuild gnt.core
> msbuild gnt.core /p:ngpackages="7z.Libs/16.04.0;vsSolutionBuildEvent/1.14.0:../packages/CI.MSBuild"
> msbuild gnt.core /t:pack /p:ngin="app\LuNari"
> msbuild gnt.core /t:pack /p:ngin="D:\tmp\7z.Libs" /p:ngout="newdir/"

Path to MSBuild Tools

If you need, try hMSBuild and have fun.

Compact & Minified versions

To build this version you can use our compressor from here.

Currently minified version ~4 Kb for get command and ~4 Kb for pack command, i.e. ~8 Kb in total.

> compress
> msbuild .compressor
> msbuild .compressor /p:core="path to core" /p:output="output file"

Compiled variant

The GetNuTool now is part of NuGetComponent (SBE-Scripts)

#[NuGet gnt.raw("/t:pack /p:ngin=\"D:\7z.Libs\"")]

Executable version

The gnt.bat is already contains gnt.core logic. It stored inside script.

To build this version you should use our packer from here.

> packing
> msbuild embedded/.packer /p:core="path to minified core" /p:output="output file"

Now, you can use it simply:

> gnt ...
> gnt /p:ngpackages="Conari"

note: you do not need the gnt.core or something else ! the final script provides all of what you need as non-binary tool ~9 Kb.

Additional arguments

First key to gnt Description Sample
-unpack To generate minified version from executable. v1.6+ gnt -unpack
-msbuild path To use specific msbuild if needed. v1.6+ gnt -msbuild "D:\MSBuild\bin\amd64\msbuild" /p:ngpackages="Conari"