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8Bit Mixtape NEO

New Attiny85 based edition with Bootloader to program it via sound.

Working v10_taipei

Documentation and Instructions

It's all on the wiki...

Arduino IDE-Integration

Add this to your additional hardware manager:

See more on:


Upload examples directly from the browser:

Convert hex2Wav in browser and talk to your synth:

First Working prototypes

Self-etched "Made in Taiwan"

Tokyo hand-solderer Prototype

See our first working prototype in the video:

Working prototype_taipei


Inspired by the bootloader for atmega by Christoph Haberer and other implementations by Fredrik...

Not found anything yet for attiny, except that's it's a bit more challenging to make bootloaders.

Can we maybe use the same bootloader to program via blinking lights?

Bootloader developed and works fine

see devel repo here:

Boards are being designed atm...

Making board in Taipei

Making board in yogya

See more boards on the wiki:

Test your prototype

Notes from our first testing phase:

Version 1.0

Older versions

See wiki:

Basic stuff we have

  • 2 potentiometers
  • 2 push-buttons
  • 1 Sound output PWM (PB1 is preferred) is also CV output in case of Sequencer code
  • Sound-progger input
  • CV input (maybe 2 CV input
  • Master-clock or gate output
  • Sync-clock input (compatible to other voltages
  • 1 pin to communicate wiht the 8 NEO-pixels (is that cheating?)
  • what else?
  • mic-4 ring jacks?

The Beginning...

Late night geeking at Iyok's ego-lab...

Late night geeking at Iyok's ego-lab

After years of geeking around wiht all these versions of 8bit Mixtapes...



New Attiny85 based edition with Bootloader to program it via sound. Add this to your additional hardware manager: or directly program by playing the .wav files from this website:




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