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sound generation on the AVR-Attiny cpus
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This is a little synthesizer project based on the Attiny85.

It is based on the famous 8BitMixTape .

Here is a hitlist of the best apps whick you can directly upload to your syntheszier when you click on it and you have installed the AudioBootLoader on your Attiny85.


Because it makes fun to create something with minimalistic hardware. There are many people around this world playing with this type of synthesizer and it is really fascinating what they create. There are sounds which you wouldnt't believe that it is possible to produce with this little chip.

PCB from Ale:

It could be done on a breadboard.


You can download very easily different synthizer apps when you have installed the AudioBootLoader on your Attiny85.

The AudioBootloader was orignially programmed for an Atmega8 or Atmega168. Special thanks to Ioyk for reworking it for Attiny85.

There are precompiled wav files for the Attiny85 which you can download:

The benefit of precompiled wav files: you don't need any programming software. You can just click on it and the sound played will programm your Attiny85.


This synth is mainly compatible to the 8BitMixTape-SoundProg2085

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