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* feat: try to udpate to Django4

* change el-paginator dependency to APSL repo fork

* chore: update changelog

* fix require pagination

* update changelog

* lint

* update tox.ini

* lint

* lint

* fix tox

* fix tox

* fix tox

* tox - update python versions compatible with Django4.0

* update git workflow

* fix

* undelete comment

* fix

Co-authored-by: Francisco Fernandez <>
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November 5, 2021 15:43


Puput is a powerful and simple Django app to manage a blog. It uses the awesome Wagtail CMS as content management system.

Puput is the catalan name for Hoopoe which is indeed a beautiful bird.

Visit the documentation for an in-depth look at Puput.


  • Built with Wagtail CMS and Django
  • Inspired in Wordpress and Zinnia
  • Simple & responsive HTML template by default
  • SEO friendly urls
  • Support for Disqus comments
  • Entries by author, tags, categories, archives and search term
  • Last & popular entries
  • Configurable sidebar widgets
  • RSS feeds
  • Related entries
  • Extensible entry model
  • Configurable default template color
  • Social share of blog entries (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

Examples of blog sites made with Puput


The setup process is explained here.

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