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Askbot is a Django/Python Q&A forum. **Contributors README**: Commercial hosting of Askbot and support are available at
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Askbot - a Django Q&A forum platform

This is Askbot project - open source Q&A system, like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and some others. Askbot is based on code of CNPROG, originally created by Mike Chen and Sailing Cai and some code written for OSQA.

Demos and hosting are available at

Branch 0.7.x - is the latest version supporting Django 1.5

Branch 0.8.x - transitional version for the upgrade of the database to Django 1.7

Branch 0.9.x - supports Django 1.7

Branch master supports Django 1.8

How to contribute

Your pull requests are very welcome, but please read the few paragraphs below, it might save our combined efforts.

Obvious bug fixes will be merged quickly, however less obvious cases should include a clear description of how to reproduce the bug. Complex cases must be accompanied with the new unit tests.

Before suggesting PR's for new features - please first discuss those features in the "Issues section". We really appreciate your efforts, but PR's may not be accepted and it might be disappointing - so please communicate. The bandwidth for the testing is valuable and limited and we would like to avoid "easter eggs" and the feature overload.

Please always use feature branches for the PR's, multiple feature/bugfix PR's are harder to understand and less likely to be accepted.

Translators: please translate at the Transifex, not via github!!!

All documentation is in the directory askbot/doc

Follow to to learn how to use fetch and push as well as other help on using git.

License, copyright and trademarks

Askbot software is licensed under GPL, version 3.

Copyright Askbot S.p.A and the project contributors, 2010-2017.

"Askbot" is a trademark and service mark registered in the United States, number 4323777.

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