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forked from OSQA/osqa

ASKBOT is a Q&A forum, written in Django/Python and Javascript. **TRANSLATORS**: the translation environment is at

Updated Jun 30, 2016

Python 16 11


A django app allowing users to follow anything.

Updated Feb 25, 2016

Python 3 1


Some additional form fields for Django

Updated Nov 16, 2015

Python 0 45


forked from mingchen/django-cas-ng

Django CAS (Central Authentication Service) client

Updated Nov 7, 2015

Python 1 1


forked from jonmbake/askbot-slack

Simple Slack integration for Askbot. When a question, comment or answer is posted to Askbot, a specific Slack channel is sent a message..

Updated Oct 20, 2015

Python 0 0


Various utility scripts for Askbot. Contents may change without notice and functionality may be moved to other modules.

Updated Oct 3, 2015

Python 4 0


Logs filtered django request data into the database. An app for the diagnostics of Django sites.

Updated Jun 18, 2015

Python 7 6


Updated Jun 9, 2015

Python 0 0


Audit dashboard for Askbot.

Updated Jan 22, 2015

Python 0 25


forked from chriscohoat/django-backup

Django Site Backup Command

Updated Nov 1, 2014

Python 0 1


Django app to list contents of the directory and download files.

Updated Nov 1, 2014

Python 0 4


forked from benjaoming/django-stopforumspam

Django middleware for blocking forum spammers

Updated Jun 2, 2014

Python 1 157


forked from trentm/python-markdown2

markdown2: A fast and complete implementation of Markdown in Python

Updated Mar 27, 2014

Python 0 82


forked from ui/django-post_office

A Django app that allows you to send email asynchronously in Django. Supports HTML email, database backed templates and logging.

Updated Feb 10, 2014

Python 0 11


forked from davehughes/django-transaction-signals

Commit and rollback signals for Django transactions based on Grégoire Cachet's excellent gist.

Updated Feb 3, 2013

Python 1 2


A django project template with HTML5 boilerplate, SASS, supporting Jinja2 and Django templates and more.

Updated Dec 9, 2012

Python 4 1


multi-protocol authenticator - this app is in the early stage of development

Updated Sep 20, 2011

Python 9 4


A step-by-step example of renaming django app, managed by South migrations.

Updated Sep 18, 2011

Python 2 1


Object for aggregating key-value settings from multiple sources.

Updated Sep 10, 2011

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