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AdAway's default hosts sources

The following host sources are default in AdAway and thus supported by the author (see

URL SSL Description License Y Special hosts file for AdAway containing mobile ad provider CC Attribution 3.0 Y hpHosts Allowed AdAway project to use it as default Y Yoyos Hosts file MCRAE GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (version 4.r53)

Other hosts sources

WARNING: Using the following sources could kill cats, i.e., these sources are not officially supported.

URL SSL Description License N MVPS HOSTS File, not available via SSL! CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 N Some false positives (audiogalaxy) Unknown N Different available hosts files. Available as zip or 7z Unknown Y (own cert) Includes not only ad servers Include URL ? Malware list Unknown or ? Unknown N Common US ad servers and farms CC Attribution 3.0 Y Unknown Y Japanese blocklist Unknown N Unknown N Unknown Y Unknown Y CC Attribution 4.0 International License

What are the criteria to make a hosts source default in AdAway?

  • They should only block advertisement or analytic providers (for example also blocks "shock sites", thus it is not included in AdAway)
  • Hosts sources are potential security issues. The corresponding website of the hosts source should look "legit"
  • The hosts sources have to be available directly as plain text. AdAway can not use zipped sources
  • Malware blocking hosts sources are not included, because they would add too many entries
  • Default hosts sources should not include redirection entries

If your hosts source complies with these requirements, open a new Issue and ask for inclusion!

Censorship Circumvention

WARNING: Only use these sources if you can't reach Google, Facebook, etc. from your country, because of DNS blocking!

If you want to use redirection rules from these Hosts Sources you have to explicitly allow redirection rules in the preferences of AdAway!

URL SSL Description License Y Unknown Y Unknown Y Unknown

Hosts file generator

URL SSL Description License Y Generate your own hosts source CC0 Y Choose specific sites to unblock
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