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AdGuard Browser Extension

Ad blocker with advanced privacy protection features

AdGuard is a fast and lightweight ad blocking browser extension
that effectively blocks all types of ads and trackers. | Reddit | Twitter | Telegram

Build status Latest release

AdGuard is a fast and lightweight ad blocking browser extension that effectively blocks all types of ads and trackers on all web pages. We focus on advanced privacy protection features to not just block known trackers, but prevent web sites from building your shadow profile. Unlike its standalone counterparts (AG for Windows, Mac), the browser extension is completely free and open source. You can learn more about the difference here.

AdGuard does not collect any information about you, and does not participate in any acceptable ads program. The only source of income we have is selling premium versions of our software, and we intend to keep it that way.


Chrome and Chromium-based browsers

You can get the latest available AdGuard Extension version from the Chrome Web Store.


You can get the latest version of AdGuard Extension from the Mozilla Add-ons website.


Opera is basically a Chromium browser, but it maintains its own add-ons store. You can get AdGuard Extension from there.

Microsoft Edge

The latest stable version of AdGuard browser extension is available in Microsoft Store.


We are blessed to have a community that does not only love AdGuard, but also gives back. A lot of people volunteer in various ways to make other users' experience with AdGuard better, and you can join them!

We, on our part, can only be happy to reward the most active members of the community. So, what can you do?

Translating AdGuard

If you want to help with AdGuard translations, please learn more about translating our products here:

Testing AdGuard

You can get a beta version of AdGuard Browser Extension for any browser. All necessary information on this topic can be found on a dedicated page on our website.

Reporting issues

GitHub can be used to report a bug or to submit a feature request. To do so, go to this page and click the New issue button.

Note: for the filter-related issues (missed ads, false positives etc.) use the dedicated repository.

Other options

Here is a dedicated page for those who are willing to contribute.



Install local dependencies by running:

  yarn install

How to build

How to run tests

  yarn test

Building the dev version

Run the following command:

  yarn dev

This will create a build directory with unpacked extensions for all browsers:


Building the beta and release versions

Before building the release version, you should manually download necessary resources: filters and public suffix list.

  yarn resources
  CREDENTIALS_PASSWORD=<password> yarn beta
  CREDENTIALS_PASSWORD=<password> yarn release

You will need to put certificate.pem and mozilla_credentials.json files to the ./private directory. This build will create unpacked extensions and then pack them (crx for Chrome, xpi for Firefox).

Building the sample extension with API

Run the following command:

yarn sample-api

This will create a build directory with unpacked sample extension for chromium browsers:



Despite our code my not currently comply with new style configuration, please, setup eslint in your editor to follow up with it .eslintrc

Update localizations

To download and append localizations run:

  yarn locales-download

To upload new phrases to crowdin you need the file with phrases ./Extension/_locales/en/messages.json. Then run:

  yarn locales-upload

Minimum supported browser versions

Browser Version
Chromium Based Browsers 55
Firefox 52
Opera 42
Edge 15.14942/39.14942
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