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EQEmu EOC - Rapid Development Platform

This platform is designed to help EQEmu Server developers develop content rapidly and mangage their server efficiently.

Tools Documentation: http://wiki.eqemulator.org/p?EQEmu_Operations_Center_for_Development#tools

Update 1/5/2019 This project is now considered a Legacy project with a Legacy PHP codebase


EOC Code and Project Structure

Dev Environment (Docker)

Assuming you have docker and relatively know what it is, we now have a Docker setup that can get you up and going with relative ease

Clone this project and run the following command

docker-compose up

This will build your images and get your environment ready to go

Once you have setup your config below and sourced in a development database you can browse to http://localhost


cp includes/config.example.php includes/config.php

Seeding a Database

Once this is done you'll need to seed a database if you're not going to point to an existing one

First - jump into the workspace container via

docker-compose exec workspace bash

Then run the following command

php cli/db-seed.php

Alternatively you can just run a single line from your host without bashing into the container

docker-compose exec workspace bash -cl 'php cli/db-seed.php'