funções e classes para auxiliar no tratamento de dados do SUS.
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This package collects a set of utilities for handling with public databases published by Brazil's DATASUS The documentation of how to use PySUS can be found here


  • Decode encoded patient age to any time unit (years, months, etc)
  • Convert .dbc files to DBF databases or read them into pandas dataframes. DBC files are basically DBFs compressed by a proprietary algorithm.
  • Read SINAN dbf files returning DataFrames with properly typed columns


There are some dependencies which can't be installed through pip, namely libffi. Therefore on an ubuntu system:

sudo apt install libffi-dev

Then you can proceed to

sudo pip install PySUS


>>> from pysus.preprocessing.sinan import read_sinan_dbf

>>> df = read_sinan_dbf('mytest.dbf', encoding='latin-1')
<class 'pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'>
RangeIndex: 65535 entries, 0 to 65534
Data columns (total 10 columns):
DT_DIGITA     65469 non-null object
DT_NOTIFIC    65535 non-null object
DT_SIN_PRI    65535 non-null object
ID_AGRAVO     65535 non-null object
ID_BAIRRO     50675 non-null float64
ID_MUNICIP    65535 non-null int64
NM_BAIRRO     60599 non-null object
NU_ANO        65535 non-null int64
SEM_NOT       65535 non-null int64
SEM_PRI       65535 non-null int64
dtypes: float64(1), int64(4), object(5)
memory usage: 5.0+ MB

>>> df.DT_DIGITA[0], 4, 1)