Minimal Civilisation-like game. Made a pathfinder and wanting to use it in a project :)
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Minimal Civilisation-like game. Made a pathfinder and wanting to use it in a project :)

Update Log

current status 27/07/2017:

  • first commits in a long time, been doing some improvements to the interface to get back into coding on this project. Lots of new parts to the interface including buttons, zoom levels and auto-focus. Game should work on any size of browser window now :)

  • 14/4/2017 Finally a chance to do some more work on this! I've tweaked the sidebar and added the beginnings of a minimap. Excited to have some free time to spend on this again :D

  • 12/3/2017 New code base structure is up! Code migration from prototype is 99% complete and the game has classic Civ Tilesets :D Latest version can be accessed in the link below update log

  • 6/3/2017 Been working on documentation and new code base structure, also blog posting about improved art :D

  • 2/3/2017: Prototype is now playable! Have a gander here:

  • 13/2/2017: Protoyping minimal gameplay loop without art assets.

Link to in Development Version (0.0.99... version 0.1 soon, promise!)

This might be crawling with bugs or totally unusable, you have been warned!


  • wasd/arrow keys to move selected unit

  • spacebar to skip turn

  • 'B' to settle city note sidebar will track the quality rating of the terrain tile the selected unit is currently on. When the tile is suitable there is a green prompt :)

  • Escape key to abdicate, leaving an AI leader in charge of your empire

  • '+,-' keys to change zoom level/how big each pixel of sprites will appear.

  • 'R' key to reset game with a new civilisation and world map

  • 'C' key to ??? (debug/cheats)

  • 'P' key to toggle pause (good for AI only games or when turn limit is reached)

Example Screenshot

What your empire will hopefully look like Turn 100 and the Utatap tribe have conquered almost half of the Memono sub-continent.

Project repository layout

Still working on this, not all files/directories present at the moment...

/JavaScript/ subdirectories

  • Program/

    • Program.js main entrypoint
    • Utilities.js used throughout codebase
    • file handling TODO
    • image loader TODO
    • music loader TODO
  • Simulation/

    • Simulation.js overarching simulation logic
    • Terrain.js handles terrain generation too
    • Tile.js individual terrain tile
    • RegionDetails.js information on landmasses
    • Faction.js has ownership of faction agents and structure
    • VisionMap.js per faction knowledge of the world
    • Agent.js mobile unit in the world
    • Structure.js static unit in the world
  • Display/

    • Display.js main module for output to screen
    • SpriteSheet.js generates unit sprites from faction colours
    • Sidebar.js gives the player heaps of info along with minimap and buttons
    • renderer TODO
    • minimap TODO
    • interface TODO
  • Control/

    • Control.js handles player input to program
    • Mouse.js handles user mouse controls
    • Button.js class for all onscreen buttons
    • View.js state of the main view screen
    • keyboard TODO
  • Audio/ TODO

    • sound engine
    • music player

Other directories

  • /Resources/

    • Images holds tilesets in various levels of completion
    • sounds TODO
    • music TODO
  • /Ruleset/ TODO

    • unit types
    • scenarios
    • fixed maps
  • /Screenshots/

    • Whole lotta screenshots of development progress, put in directories per version?

Top level files

  • Design document
  • index.html
  • prototype.html