forked from churchio/onebody

private member portal for churches, built with Ruby on Rails

Updated Feb 17, 2015


forked from diowa/icare

Open Source Carpooling Platform

Updated Jan 28, 2015

JavaScript 0 5


forked from jcofino/TwitterBot

twitter bot for aggregating public sentiment on miami transit

Updated Jan 5, 2015


forked from bitcoin-wallet/bitcoin-wallet

Bitcoin Wallet app for your Android device. Standalone Bitcoin node, no centralized backend required.

Updated Dec 22, 2014


forked from Code-for-Miami/mdt-bus-sms

TextMyBusMIA: SMS Interface for Miami Dade Transit Bus Systems.

Updated Nov 8, 2014

JavaScript 0 12


forked from codeforamerica/denver-schedules

A application that gives denver residents notifications about upcoming street sweeping occurances

Updated Oct 30, 2014


forked from kiswa/TaskBoard

A Kanban-inspired app for keeping track of things that need to get done.

Updated Oct 19, 2014


forked from bborn/lewsnetter

E-mail marketing application (create and send e-mail newsletter via SES). Includes subscription management, delivery, bounce and complaint notification, templates, and some stats.

Updated Oct 17, 2014

Objective-C 0 64


forked from happyfoxinc/helpstack

iOS Support Framework

Updated May 16, 2014

JavaScript 0 135


forked from cowbell/sharedrop

HTML5 clone of Apple's AirDrop - easy P2P file transfer powered by WebRTC

Updated Apr 3, 2014


forked from jfoucher/lebonmail

Get email notification for new ads published on, and

Updated Oct 9, 2013


forked from dobtco/procure-io

Procurement software for the 21st century.

Updated Jul 3, 2013


forked from M6Web/FirewallBundle

Symfony bundle providing IP filtering features

Updated May 30, 2013

Python 0 732


forked from datagovuk/ckan

CKAN is an open-source DMS (data management system) for powering data hubs and data portals. CKAN makes it easy to publish, share and use data. It powers the and among many other sites.

Updated May 10, 2013


forked from ccoenraets/directory-rest-php

PHP-based RESTFul services for the employee directory sample app

Updated Apr 17, 2013


forked from ccoenraets/backbone-directory

Sample Application built with Backbone.js and 3 different UI toolkits: Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile, and custom iPhone skins

Updated Apr 17, 2013

Ruby 0 3


forked from codeforamerica/national_holidays

When is the next holiday in my country?

Updated Mar 30, 2013

JavaScript 0 14

forked from mozilla/

An sampe web based email provider that provides first class BrowserID support.

Updated Mar 27, 2013

JavaScript 0 598


forked from deployd/deployd

a toolkit for building realtime APIs

Updated Mar 26, 2013

JavaScript 0 41


forked from WebBooks/wbb

The Web Book Boilerplate - Your place to start writing books for every platform.

Updated Mar 24, 2013

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