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@AmazingAmpharos AmazingAmpharos released this Oct 24, 2018

Here is the Ocarina of Time Randomizer 3.0, the second major update to the program. This update is primarily about combining the work from TestRunner's fork into the main program. The changes are overwhelming in number but here are the high points:

-The GUI is overhauled to include way more total settings.
-Master Quest support
-Keysanity and Keysy support
-Scrubsanity and Shopsanity support
-Tokensanity support
-Many bug fixes and balance tweaks

Credit for work on this release goes out to many devs; this has been a huge collaborative effort. TestRunner's fork was the core of most of what's here, mzxrules implemented the underlying guts of Master Quest, wulfy did some critical ROM hacking to both the pause and main menu, Grant Man has improved the compressor massively and did most of the work with the bundle, r0bd0g significantly overhauled a lot of the logic, and many, many other contributors made miscellaneous submissions. Thanks to everyone!

I encourage anyone who has questions about this release or about the randomizer in general to join our discord! The link is below:

We now have executables built for different operating systems. Please choose which is most appropriate for you:

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