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GitHub Code Font Changer

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Developped and maintained with ❤️ by AmraniCh and contributors.

Unhappy with the boring GitHub code viewer font? You're looking for a way to change it without affecting other website's fonts? Well, this extension is made for you 🙌.

🚀 Features

  • As of version 2, you can use the fonts installed in your local machine alongside the fonts provided by the extension.
  • Change the font weight for the selected font family.
  • Hide the indentation guides.

🔥 Available Fonts

  • Anonymous Mono.
  • Atma.
  • Courier Prime.
  • Fira Code.
  • Inconsolata.
  • IBM Plex Mono.
  • JetBrains Mono.
  • Oxygen Mono.
  • PT Mono.
  • Roboto Mono.
  • Share Tech Mono.
  • Source Code Pro.
  • Space Mono.
  • Ubuntu Mono.

If you have some other font that other developers could like, you can send a pull request to add it to this extension (The font must be free for personal use or licensed under a free open source license).

🌠 Installation

You can download this extension via :

Via Chrome Store

Manual Installation Using Developer Mode

You can also manually install it via the developer mode in your browser.

  1. Download the last stable version from releases tab.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  3. Visit chrome://extensions.
  4. Enable the developer mode.
  5. Click Load unpacked button.
  6. Select the src folder from the unzipped file.
  7. Have fun 😊!

❤️ Support Me

Buy Me a Coffee at

Rate The Extension If You Found It Useful

If you find this extension useful for you please give us a review at Chrome Web Store, this will motivate us to improve and maintain this extension in the future, Thank you :)

📜 License

GitHub Code Font Changer is an open-source chrome extension lisenced under the MIT open source license.