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Amusement Club is a global gacha game for Discord with thousands of cute and fancy cards made by the bot's community. You can get started on any server by typing ->claim in a bot channel.

Each claim will cost you more 🍅 tomatoes (in-game currency) ->daily will reset your claim cost and give you extra tomatoes.

Invite bot here. Get your bot issues resolved on Amusement Cafe support server.

Discord Server


After cloning this repository you can run bot in the development mode. Under test/ you can find sample data and startup script. Please DO NOT commit any changes to those files.

  • Make a copy of test/config.dest.json into test/config.json
  • Open test/config.json with your text editor and set your bot token and database url (if it is different on your system). By default bot will access cards from Amusement Club CDN.
  • Open Terminal or PowerShell and run npm i to install all dependencies.
  • Run npm i -g nodemon.
  • Run npm start to start the bot. Every time you run bot directly (without using Ayano) it will run in development mode.

Test out your features and when you are ready make a Pull Request into the feature branch (e.g. amethyst).


Before starting, please do all starting steps from contributing stage.

Make sure you are not violating anything in the LICENSE when you are hosting. You must mention that parts of your bot are licensed under MPL-2.0 on the help/info page of your bot like this:

Parts of the project are licensed under the MPL-2.0 and can be obtained here:

To host your bot on the small amount of servers, you can just run bot in development mode. However if you need sharding and card management support, consider using Ayano which would require this repository as a local dependency.