Docker container for Ethereum mining with CUDA.
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Ethereum CUDA Miner

Docker container for Ethereum mining with CUDA.

Simple and easy to run, if you have a Nvidia GPU and want to mine eth.

Note: This image builds ethminer, which is an activily maintained Genoil fork


  • Nvidia drivers for your GPU, you can get them here: Nvidia drivers
  • Nvidia-docker (so docker can access your GPU) install instructions here: nvidia-docker

How to run

$ nvidia-docker run -it anthonytatowicz/eth-cuda-miner ARG1 ARG2 ...

# Example
$ nvidia-docker run -it anthonytatowicz/eth-cuda-miner \
-S \
-O <your_wallet_address>.<worker_name>/<your_email>

Note: -U is set by default

Note: Be sure to change the -O argument to your mining address and email.
The format goes like this "address.worker/email"


$ etherminer --help


You can leave a comment below or send an email to
If this helped and you'd like to leave a tip --> 0x20ad58fe023265577565c7eb44b55c31e7497c33