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Releases: AppleWin/AppleWin


29 Jul 12:50
Choose a tag to compare - 29 Jul 2023

  • [Change #1162] Fix joysticks not detected: first & second devices are not always at index 0 & 1. [@fabricecaruso]
  • [Change #429, #1237] Joystick axis shaping: allow analog sticks to reach corners.
  • [Change #1247] Support Robocom Ltd's BitStik Interface Module protection key.
  • [Change #1198] Support Dynatech Microsoftware / Cortechs Corp's CodeWriter protection key.
  • [Bug #1240] Fix for very large (>800KiB) 5.25 WOZ files.
  • [Bug #1215] Fix for: Disk Status getting ?? for Sectors in ProDOS.
  • [Bug #1238] Debugger: Fixed: R P ## wasn't setting P flag status register.
  • [Bug #1231] Debugger: Fix disassembly of current line is illegible in "black & white" mode.
  • [Bug #1204] Debugger: Crash due to debugger command line length.
  • [Bug #1194] Debugger: Step-over WAIT can fail.
  • [Change #1230] Debugger: Allow alternate directory for built-in symbols.
  • [Change #1229] Debugger: df ("define float") QoL.
  • [Change #1212] Debugger: DISK INFO QoL.
  • [Change #1209] Debugger: Update BMP import from GIMP 2.10 with X8 R8 G8 B8.
  • [Change #1203] Debugger: Debugger: Step-over QoL.
  • [Change #1200] Debugger: Debugger: Stop reason QoL.


11 Mar 23:13
Choose a tag to compare - 11 Mar 2023

  • [Bug #1193] Fix for reading AY regs after AY Function set to INACTIVE. (Fix for mb-audit v1.3.)


05 Mar 22:14
Choose a tag to compare - 5 Mar 2023

  • [Change #1080] Support Mockingboard and Mouse at same time. (Improvement for: "Witch Trial".)
  • [Change #1187] New command line: '-capslock=off' to start up with Caps Lock off.
  • [Change #1183] Phasor: add support for Echo+ mode (eg. 6522 PortA chip select for the AYs, dual-mono sound output & reading AY regs).
  • [Change #1190] Document command line: '-multimon'.
    • At start-up, use the Registry's saved "Window x/y position" to position the AppleWin window correctly for multiple monitors.
  • [Change #1033] New command line support for hard disk controller in slots 5 and 7.
    • Use '-s5 hdc' or '-s7 hdc' to start up with a hard disk controller (hdc) in slots 5 and 7 respectively.
    • Use '-s5h1 <pathname>' and '-s5h2 <pathname>' to connect hard disk images.
    • NB. There's no GUI configuration support for the hdc in slot 5.
    • NB. An hdc in slot 5 allows these 3.5" titles to work: "Perplexing Puzzles" and "Dark Heart of Uukrul".
  • [Bug #1193] Phasor: now can't read AY regs (via 6522 PortA) after AY set to INACTIVE function. (Mockingboard still can.)
  • [Bug #1192] Phasor: support the GAL logic for AY chip select & AY PSG Function.
  • [Bug #1188] Alt+Enter: fix regression, as this key combo should default to toggling full screen.
  • [Bug #1175, #1176] Mockingboard: fix some edge cases.
  • [Bug #1164] Debugger: Fix 'bpv' & 'tf' commands to trigger for non-visible scan lines when in full-speed.
  • [Bug #1163] Debugger: Fix disassembly when in middle of data.
  • [Bug #1099] Fix 6502/65C02: Clearing the D flag (or not) on a BRK or Interrupt or Reset.
  • [PR #1171] Refactor the Mockingboard & Phasor code.
    • Can now put any sound card (Mockingboard, Phasor or SAM) into either or both slots 4 and 5.
    • NB. Allows Mouse card in slot 4 and Mockingboard (or Phasor) in slot 5.
  • Change: Command line '-s<N> empty' now works for slots 1-7 (just not slot 0).
  • Debugger: Improve mini-memory views for AY8913 chip registers: show reg. latch address in white.
  • Debugger: Fix 'zpc' command, which wasn't working.


02 Jan 11:44
Choose a tag to compare - 2 Jan 2023

  • [Change #1153] Support Game I/O Connector copy protection dongles. [@medasaro]
    • SDS SpeedStar dongle
  • [Change #1141,#1142,#1148,#1149,#1150] SNES MAX support for various controllers via mapping files. [@Eriknoc]
    • EG. -snes-max-user-joy1 snesmax\controller_Logitech_F310.yaml
  • [Change #1134] Add disk activity indicators for drives in Slot 5.
    • Only visible in 2x Windowed mode.
    • Add a new UI toggle in Config->Disk tab to "Show status" (ie. the track/sector status).
    • Hovering over this status will show a tooltip with both decimal and hexadecimal values, and the track includes the full fractional quarter track value too.
  • [Change #1133] Add a new command line '-s<n> diskii13' to put a diskii card into slot-n and force it to use the 13-sector firmware.
  • [Bug #1157] Fix video junk on RHS edge for TV & Monitor video modes. (Regression at
  • [Bug #1144] Fix some ZP symbols in A2_BASIC.SYM.
  • [Bug #1143] Fix graphical glitches on penultimate scan line when in non-"50% Scan Lines" mode.
  • [Bug #1138] Fix Mousecard - wasn't generating VBL interrupt for mode byte of $08. Fixes 'Jeeves'.
  • [Bug #1131] Fix MIXED issue when in 'Color (PAL Monitor)' video mode.
  • Change: Debugger: for LBR, support the unset/undefined case (eg. reset to undefined when beginning a new debug session).
  • Change: Debugger: extend to support DISK commands for Disk II cards in other slots:
    • DISK SLOT n
    • Now DISK INFO will provide info for the new slot.
  • Change: Debugger: add new command: 'bpv <vpos,[len]>'
    • break when video-scanner's vertical position matches vpos.
    • NB. auto disable when hit.
  • Change: Debugger: extend watches: 'WA <n> v' to show video scanner address & video data (aux and/or main or shr 4-byte).


27 Sep 20:35
Choose a tag to compare - 27 Sep 2022

  • [Bug #1128] Increase paddle maximum offset - fixes 'Learning with Leepers'.
  • [Bug #1127] Debugger: fix memory search command.
  • [Bug #1126] Fix rare crash bug (when unprotected WOZ in drive).
  • [Bug #1125] Improve WOZ support: fixes 'Accolade Comics'.
  • [Bug #1121] Fix for aspect ratio in full-screen:
    • Now revert to uniformly scaling in both x & y directions unless user specifies resolution.
    • NB. Regression at when adding VidHD support.
  • [Bug #1119] Fix render issue in 'Color (PAL Monitor)' video mode.
  • [Bug #1022] WOZ support: Better cross-track positioning - fixes 'Balance of Power'.
  • Fix for loading old save-states with Phasor card (bumps MB version in save-state to v9).
    • NB. Regression at when fixed Phasor to "use correct primary AY8913".
  • Change: Command line: support '-s2 ssc'.


23 Jun 20:30
Choose a tag to compare - 23 Jun 2022

  • [Change #1103] Debugger: support memory breakpoints for HDD DMA r/w's:
    • When the debugger is active (eg. breakpoints enabled) then trap on HDD r/w's that match the BPM[R|W].
    • NB. the breakpoint will fire after the whole HDD r/w operation has completed.
  • [Bug #1113] Fix for Uthernet II registers repeating in DEVICE SELECT I/O space. [@audetto]
  • [Bug #1110] Fix for WOZ and quarter tracks for A2osX's 192K floppy image.
    • Support two adjacent phases turned off in rapid sequence.
  • [Bug #1108] Fix for C3 ROM not set correctly when loading a save-state with a VidHD (in slot 3).
  • [Bug #1106] Fix for minor screen corruption with VidHD enabled.
    • Debugger: fix for mouse-click hit-tests with VidHD enabled.
  • [Bug #1104] Fix for rare Mockingboard speech race condition when debugger-stepping.
  • [PR #1098] Internal: refactor debugger. [@kiyolee]
  • Change: Mockingboard's SSI263: support reg3's amplitude (fix for TR speaking during SSI263 detection).
  • Change: DebuggerAutoRun.txt: extend search path to first try CurrentDir, then ProgramDir.


27 May 20:57
Choose a tag to compare - 27 May 2022

  • [Change #1097] Extend Uthernet II to support DNS offloading. [@audetto]
  • [Bug #1078] WOZ support: Better LSS support for reading write-protect.
    • Fix images 'Run For It' and 'Stickybear Town Builder' (both when write-protected).
  • [PR #1100] Uthernet II fixes for UDP and IPRAW modes. [@audetto]
  • [PR #1084 + others] Internal: refactor debugger. [@kiyolee]
  • Fix Phasor card: use correct primary AY8913 for Phasor-native & MB modes (now checked in mb-audit v1.2).
  • Command line: add -wav-speaker <file> & -wav-mockingboard <file>
    • Save a .wav of either Speaker or Mockingboard audio output during the emulation session.
    • Warning: there's no file size limit, so it just keeps saving until AppleWin exits.


23 Mar 20:58
Choose a tag to compare - 23 Mar 2022

  • [Change #518] Support Uthernet II card in slot 3. [audetto]
    • EG. Use with Contiki, A2osX, ii-vision, a2stream etc.
    • Support for W5100 modes: TCP, UDP, IPRAW and MACRAW (no support for PPPoE mode, interrupts and SPI).
  • [Bug #1066] Fix for save-states where (eg) disk image name contains '#' character.
  • [Bug #1017] Fix for printer interface where character got output twice.
  • [PR #1031 + others] Internal: refactor string output handling. [kiyolee]
  • Change: default install of AppleWin now sets slot 3 as empty (was Uthernet I card)
  • Fix 6522 bug: IFR.T2 was always set when counter.b15=1


08 Feb 21:11
Choose a tag to compare - 8 Feb 2022

  • [Bug #1023] WOZ support: Tweak to track sync support.
  • [Bug #1020] WOZ support: Significant bit-cells after a gap between latch access upped from 50 to 100.
    • Fixes: What's My Logic, Forbidden Quest, The Isle of Mem.
  • [Bug #1018] Support AN3 for //e models.
  • [Bug #1015] Registry: fix support for legacy 'Harddisk Enable' key.
  • [PR #1028] Internal: Split 6522 out of MB code and into own class (bumps MB version in save-state).
  • [PR #1025] Load save-state for Cards: improve error messages. [audetto]
  • [PR #1014] Correct BMP creation. [audetto]
  • SSC: Fix for command line -dcd not being honoured. (Regression)
  • VidHD: Fix load save-state for II/II+ when VidHD's SHR is being updated.
  • Debugger: see Debugger_Changelog.txt, but including:
    • Added: CD now detects ".." to change to the previous directory and chops the trailing sub-directory from the current path.
    • Changed: Disassembly window now lists symbol labels and symbol target address from User2 in orange.
    • Added: Branch instructions now show target address.
    • Added: Disassembly window now shows signed decimal values for immediate values.


19 Dec 20:10
Choose a tag to compare - 19 Dec 2021

  • [Bug #997] Support VidHD card for IIgs Super Hi-Res (SHR) video modes, eg. for Total Replay box art.
    • Support VidHD in slot 3 (via Config GUI or '-s3 vidhd').
    • Only partial VidHD support - ie. just for SHR video modes, but SHR is supported for all Apple II models.
    • NB. AppleWin's window is slightly enlarged when VidHD card is inserted.
    • Command line: Allow user to specify width & height (for full-screen); and allow separate x,y scaling in full-screen mode.
      • eg. for 4:3 aspect ratio on monitors that support it: -no-full-screen -fs-width=1600 -fs-height=1200
    • Debugger: add 'shr' command to view video.
  • [Change #1007] HDD: Fail if r/w access touches $Cnnn I/O space
    • Debugger: On a HDD r/w failure, execution will break, and the debugger will show a stop reason message.
    • Also fix HDD write wrapping at 64KiB boundary.
  • [Change #996] Adapt HDD firmware to be slot-independent.
    • Internal only, since currently no support to specify HDD Controller card in another slot.
  • Debugger: Add 'brk all <on|off>' command to break on any BRK or invalid opcode.