@tomcw tomcw released this Oct 16, 2016

. [Bug #126,#157,#194] Beta NTSC and cycle-accurate video support
The new supported video modes are now only: TV Color, TV B&W, Monitor Color, Monitor B&W
NB. The old 1.25 modes have been removed eg. "Color (TV Emulation)".
. Full-screen native resolution (no longer 640x480 resolution)
NB. If your screen resolution is smaller than 1120x768, then you will get no scaling in full-screen.
. [Bug #260] Save-state file v2: human readable (Yaml-based format)
All hardware configurations save/restored:
. Apple model, sub-systems, memory, cards (except Uthernet and SAM cards)
NB. Old v1 .aws file format are still loaded
. [Bug #270] Added SAM/DAC sound card support
. AppleWin built with VS2008 Express (supports Windows 2000 or later)
. Unit tests added for 6502 and 65C02 opcodes
. Added -load-state <savestate.yaml> command line option
. New repo created with test save-state images: https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin-Test
. Remove unsupported PC speaker sound types
. [PR #235] New start-up title screen by Paulo Garcia
. [PR #233] Configuration Dialog->Disk tab: Buttons replaced with drop-down menu for select/eject by Paulo Garcia

. [Bug #129] Tight loop page-flipping causing heavy CPU load (fixed by NTSC / cycle-accurate video emulation)
. [Bug #204] Problem running Wrath Of Denethenor (fixed by NTSC / cycle-accurate video emulation)
. [Bug #317] [Disk] Only mounts version 1 .2mg not version 0
. [Bug #296] VS2015 unresolved external in Release
. [Bug #255] CyclesThisFrame not saved to save-state file
. [Bug #282] Timing test for undocumented AXA (zp),Y
. [Bug #288] Timing issue with DEC (abs)
. [Bug #278] 6502 emulation: bSlowerOnPagecross setup too late in CPP macros
. [Bug #271] Timing problems with ASL, INC and DEC (abs,X)
. [Bug #264] JMP (IND) is 5 cycles only - not 6 - on 6502
. [Bug #287] CPU emulation timing fixes
. [Bug #286] -d1 command line argument & declining GPL causes crash
. [Bug #277] SSI263 speech data-race leading to crash
. [Bug #267] Mousecard movement & button events not working in MODE_STEPPING
. [Bug #227] [Debugger] [1.25] AppleSoft symbol: COPY.FAC.TO.ARG.ROUNDED overflows into registers
. [Bug #246] [Debugger] Memory (Changing Memory) command in CHM help files
. [Bug #309] Silent Service hangs during Mockingboard use

Fixes since (6 Oct 2016):
. [Bug #356] PrintScreen from Color TV or B&W TV video modes is missing top line

Fixes since (19 Sept 2016):
. [Bug #341] Color Monitor mode (showing graphics) is shifted one HGR pixel to the right (losing the rightmost pixel)
. [Bug #353] Pravets 8M has a superfluous dot lit on the ']' character
. [Bug #352] Full-speed in mixed mode results in flickery video
. [Bug #351] In full-speed mode, listing a long BASIC program is barely faster than 1MHz mode
. [Bug #350] Config -> '50% Scan lines' checkbox not working



@tomcw tomcw released this Apr 23, 2015 · 282 commits to master since this release

. [Bug #276] -d1 command line argument caused AppleWin to quickly exit.



@tomcw tomcw released this Sep 8, 2014 · 345 commits to master since this release - 8 Sep 2014

Note: This is the last planned version to support Win98/ME.
. The next release of AppleWin will be built with VS2008 Express, so will only work under Windows 2000 and later.

. Changed the AppleWin project host from BerliOS to GitHub.
. [Feature #221] Restored F6 original behavior that was changed in v1.22.0.

  • F6 Toggle full-screen / windowed mode.
  • Ctrl-F6 Toggle windowed 1x/2x zoom.

. Ctrl-PrintScreen will copy the text screen (auto detect 40/80 columns) to the clipboard.
. [Feature #198] Alt-Enter toggles full screen.
. [Feature #199] Added a configuration option "Confirm reboot" to skip the F2 reboot confirmation.
. [Feature #201] Added display of current Track/Sector for the floppy drives.

  • In 2x window mode the status is displayed below the drive LEDs.
  • In full screen mode the status is displayed above the drive LEDS. The track/sector
    is shown only for the last drive accessed.
    Note: DOS3.3 Track/Sector status should be accurate.
    ProDOS support is preliminary -- the track/sector may show zero after an operation.

. Memory initialization defaults to a pattern of FF FF 00 00 (memclear 2).
. Added command line switch to specify the type of memory initialization pattern

    -memclear #

where # ranges from 0 to 7.

  • -memclear 0 initializes memory to zero,
  • -memclear 1 initializes memory to random values,
  • -memclear 2 initializes memory to 4 byte pattern: FF FF 00 00 (default, same as v1.24.0),
  • -memclear 3 initializes memory to even pages FF, odd pages 00,
  • -memclear 4 initializes memory to first half page 00, last half page FF,
  • -memclear 5 initializes memory to first half page FF, last half page 00,
  • -memclear 6 initializes memory to byte offset of that page (current memory address low byte): i.e. 00:00 01 02 03 ... for page $20,
  • -memclear 7 initializes memory to page address (current memory address high byte): i.e. 00:20 20 20 20 ... for page $20.
NOTE: -memclear 6 can cause a few programs to NOT function correctly
due to hidden bugs of programmers not correctly initializing memory or
using uninitialized memory.  RNDL/RHND and $620B are initialized to
allow Pooyan, and the Beautiful Boot game launcher to run, along with
$BFFD..BFFF to allow Copy ][ v5 to boot correctly.

. Debugger (v2.8.0.0):

  • Added: TSAVE "filename" to save the text screen to a file.

    • It will auto-detect the current video mode: 40/80 columns.
    • Default filename for 40 columns is: AppleWin_Text40.txt
    • Default filename for 80 columns is: AppleWin_Text80.txt
  • Changed: DS to ASC because DS is used as a common "Define Space" assembler directive

  • Added: Experimental "ASC" command to mark up data as Apple text.
    Using Castle Wolfenstien.DSK as an example:

    ASC name1 17DA:17F5
  • Fixed: DB address now auto-defines the symbol D_#### if no symbol is given.

  • Fixed: DW address now auto-defines the symbol W_#### if no symbol is given.

  • Fixed: ASB address now auto-defines the symbol T_#### if no symbol is given.

  • Added: Help for DB and DW.

. [Bug #206] Pooyan would freeze due to RNDL/RNDH not initialized to non-zero values on
a cold boot.
. [Bug #177] Full-screen under Windows8/8.1 would show a corrupt, pastel color palette.
. Debugger:

  • Hang with Memory Fill when memory ends at FFFF, i.e. F D000:FFFF 0
  • Hang with Memory Move when memory ends at FFFF, i.e. 2000<FFFE.FFFFM



@tomcw tomcw released this Jan 11, 2014

1.24.0 - 11 Jan 2014

. Support cursor keys (in addition to numpad) when using keyboard for joystick emulation
. Support auto-fire for all 3 joystick buttons (via Config->Input)
. [Feature #5668] Added confirmation message box for reboot (F2)
. [Feature #5715] Added -no-printscreen-dlg to suppress the warning if AppleWin fails to capture the PrintScreen key
. Changed save-state file persisted to Registry from filename to pathame
. [Feature #5105] Added About dialog showing GPL (at startup, but only when AppleWin version changes)

. [Bug #19154] ProDOS Order 2IMG crashing
. [Support #103098] Sometimes swapping disk could cause INIT to fail with ERROR #8
. Fixed save-state bug for when 4K BANK1 is dirty (previously it would save the stale data instead)
. [Bug #18723,#19070] Mouse movement for CopyII+9.1 and ProTERM3.1

. Added "disk info" command
. [Bug #18940] Extend BSAVE and BLOAD Command To Memory Banks 0 and 1