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  1. Appleseed Portal - Appleseed allows individuals and organizations to unify Information into one Web Portal on the C# & ASP.NET Platform.

    JavaScript 11 8

  2. Leaves.Lite presents a searchable web interface to links and bookmarks curated / organized in JSON or fed by a REST API.

    JavaScript 3 10

  3. Appleseed Search Stack Docker composition. Uses Solr, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Mono, DotNet, ASPNet, NGINX, MySQL, PostgreSQL

    Shell 2 3

  4. Appleseed Search Web User interfaces - Angular JS 1 Search Interfaces for SolR, Elastic

    JavaScript 1 1

  5. Appleseed Portal Stack Docker composition. Uses Windows 2016 Server, IIS, ASPNet, SQL Server

    PowerShell 2 2

  6. Appleseed Search Framework


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