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Pokemon Green's School of Japanese -- Learning Japanese using Pokemon!
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Pokemon Green’s school of Japanese


So, it is Pokemon Day! The 20th anniversary of the release of the original Pokemon games in Japan. It is also a very special day for me!


Because today, I am going to start one of the original Pokemon games in Japanese! My new year’s resolution this year was to be able to read Japanese, so I am hard at work getting up to speed with the language.

I decided I wanted to try to do this, partially because I wanted to have a project to stay resolved, and partially because I wanted to see if I could do it…

How will it work?

I will play through Pokemon Green and, armed with a few tools, my current Japanese knowledge, and some persistence, I will play and translate as I go along.

Each time I save and stop, I will make a Git commit with my save file, as well as some notes about what I accomplished.

So! Let the games begin!


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