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🗃 ArchiveBox Browser Extension

This is a browser extension (works in Chrome, Firefox, and Chrome-like browsers) that lets you automatically send pages from domains you specify to your ArchiveBox instance. This has a couple of benefits:

  • You have a fulltext search of your browsing history ready at your fingertips
  • Prevent link rot for important information!
  • Access important information even if you're offline



  1. Set up an ArchiveBox server and make sure it's accessible to the machine you're browsing on
  2. Configure your ArchiveBox server to allow URL submissions without requiring login (more info here...)
    Alternatively: if you stay signed in to your ArchiveBox instance in the same browser, it will share your login credentials.
    archivebox config --set PUBLIC_ADD_VIEW=True
    # (make sure to restart the server after if you apply this change)
    Screenshot of ArchiveBox CLI configuring PUBLIC_ADD_VIEW=True
  3. Configure the extension to point to your ArchiveBox server's base URL (e.g. http://localhost:8000,, etc.)
    Screenshot of extension config area: example with localhostScreenshot of extension config area: example with demo
  4. Test it out by right-clicking on any page and selecting ArchiveBox Exporter > Archive Current Page
    Screenshot of right-clicking to add a page to ArchiveBox using extensionScreenshot of ArchiveBox server with added URL


  • Different archive modes
    • Allowlist mode doesn't archive pages by default, and lets you specify domains or regexes to archive
    • Blocklist mode archives all visited pages by default, but lets you specify domains or regexes to not archive
  • Archive any arbitrary page with the "Archive Current Page" context menu item
  • Archive any link with the "Archive Link" context menu item


If you wish to contribute to (or just build for yourself) this extension, you will need to download and install Node.js.

Once that's installed, navigate to this project's root and run npm install to install dependencies.

To build a production version (minified, optimized, etc.), run npm run build.

If you plan on making changes often, you can use the command npm run dev to automatically rebuild the extension as you modify files.

Both commands will produce an output in the dist directory.


2024-01 Extension repo moved from tjhorner/archivebox-exporter to Archivebox/archivebox-browser-extension

2021-09 Extension offically supported by ArchiveBox v0.6.2, no longer needed to run :dev branch

2021-07 Initial extension published on Chrome and Mozilla web stores

ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox#577 (comment)

2021-06 @tjhorner Created the initial archivebox-exporter extension


Alternative Extensions for Archiving

Other browser extensions that also do web archiving, may be a better fit if ArchiveBox doesn't suit your needs.

Other ArchiveBox Helper Projects

Other projects that help with ingest URLs into ArchiveBox from various sources.


MIT License