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Simple audio signal visualizer

Gabriele is built in pure Processing(using Java language of version 7).


Gabriele has the following features:

  • viewing spectrum of sound played back in real time; there are three supported types of spectrum:
    • linear standard spectrum,
    • linear average spectrum,
    • logarthimic average spectrum,
    • standard linear spectrum modulated using sine function.
  • changing type of a window used to sample the audio signal,
  • drawing x and y axis so you can easily read the amplitued in dB and frequency in Hz.

Planned features

I want to add some features like osciloscope to generate harmonical singals like sine, triangular etc. with drawing plot of this signal while viewing its sepctrum. Another feature I want to add is recording modulated signal to the WAV file. Last in the queue is some sort of prefferences panel and writing settings, but I will do it for sure, using JSON of course.

Technical notes

Gabriele is released for:

  • Windows,
  • GNU/Linux.

Gabriele is 64-bit only. Built and compiled using Processing 3 with Java 1.8u161.


  • Windows 10 x64 Pro on Java 1.8u161
  • Ubuntu 17.10 x64 - in plans
  • Linux Mint 18.3

Note: There is a thing with Linux OS. You need to "play" with you alsa mixer to see that there is actually a signal on the sound card. The thing is that if you set a source it not realyl needs to be a sink of master so pay attention to it. In my case it worked properly for Headphones source and Analog Audio Output source with Master and Capture L R set to max. If Master is muted or the source is not connected to OS's master and Capture is active, it will appear as a noise visible in the app.


The newest copy of natalie commpressed to .zip file with included Java 1.8u161 is accessible on my server under the url. If for some reason you can't download it, please write me an issue in this repo.


Simple audio signal visualizer





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