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This plugin provides support for Logitech devices with G-Keys for hotkeys in TeamSpeak 3.
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TeamSpeak 3 G-Key Plugin

This plugin provides support for Logitech devices with G-Keys for hotkeys. This allows you to use these macro keys directly without rebinding them to standard keyboard keys.


Download and install the latest version from the releases or from

Once installed G-Keys can be configured like any other hotkey, however by default these hotkeys can only be used when TeamSpeak 3 is in focus.

To use these hotkeys with any application active you need to make TeamSpeak 3 the persistent profile in the Logitech Gaming Software:

Persistent profile

Mouse buttons

Most logitech mice do not have G-Keys, but the existing buttons can still be reassigned as G-Keys in the Logitech Gaming Software:

Mouse profile

If you cannot find the G-Key item, make sure you switch your mouse to use "Automatic Game Detection" instead of "On-Board Memory".


The plugin is licensed under the MIT license.

The TeamSpeak 3 Plugin SDK and the Logitech G-Key SDK have their own respective licenses.

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