OpenNN - Open Neural Networks Library
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OpenNN is a software library written in C++ for advanced analytics. It implements neural networks, the most successful machine learning method.

The main advantage of OpenNN is its high performance. This library outstands in terms of execution speed and memory allocation. It is constantly optimized and parallelized in order to maximize its efficiency.

Some typical applications of OpenNN are business intelligence (customer segmentation, churn prevention...), health care (early diagnosis, microarray analysis...) and engineering (performance optimization, predictive maitenance...).

OpenNN does not deal with computer vision or natural language processing.

The documentation is composed by tutorials and examples to offer a complete overview about the library. The documentation can be found at the official OpenNN site.

CMakeLists.txt are build files for CMake, it is also used by the CLion IDE.

The .pro files are project files for the Qt Creator IDE, which can be downloaded from its site. Note that OpenNN does not make use of the Qt library.

OpenNN is developed by Artelnics, a company specialized in artificial intelligence.