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From your favorite terminal:

pip install test-junkie or python -m pip install test-junkie

Basic Usage

Save code bellow into a Python file. Lets say C:\Development\TestJunkie\

from test_junkie.decorators import Suite, beforeTest, afterTest, test, beforeClass, afterClass

class ExampleTestSuite:

    def before_class(self):
        print("Hi, I'm before class")
    def before_test(self):
        print("Hi, I'm before test")
    def after_test(self):
        print("Hi, I'm after test")
    def after_class(self):
        print("Hi, I'm after class")
    def something_to_test1(self):
        print("Hi, I'm test #1")
    def something_to_test2(self):
        print("Hi, I'm test #2")
    def something_to_test3(self):
        print("Hi, I'm test #3")
# and to run this marvel programmatically, all you need to do . . .
if "__main__" == __name__:
    from test_junkie.runner import Runner
    runner = Runner([ExampleTestSuite])
    # OR use Test Junkie's CLI: `tj run -s C:\Development\TestJunkie\`


Starting from version 0.6a6 there is now full CLI support and the above test suite can also be executed with tj run -s C:\Development\TestJunkie\

For more examples, see CLI documentation.

Output Example

Test Junkie Console Output

Full documentation is available on

Please report any bugs you find.

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