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Iter Vehemens ad Necem

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Iter Vehemens ad Necem (IVAN) is a graphical roguelike game, which currently runs in Windows, DOS, Linux, and OS X. It features advanced bodypart and material handling, multi-colored lighting and, above all, deep gameplay.

This is a fan continuation of IVAN by members of


This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report any unacceptable behavior.

Contributions are welcome! Please fork this repository and then once you have made and tested your changes, submit a pull request. It will be reviewed by one of the admins as soon as possible.


Join us on for discussion of planned features, etc. (or to yell at us if we neglect your pull request for too long).

From the original README...

General gameplay

IVAN works pretty much in the same way as other roguelikes. The player controls a character, which moves and attacks from the direction keys. All other commands can be found by pressing ?-key in the game.

Additional help can be obtained from the unofficial site at


Q: What does "Iter Vehemens ad Necem" mean?
A: It's Latin and means a "Violent Road to Death". For most players, that's a perfect description of the typical game.

Q: Why can't I make multiple saves and why is my save deleted when I die?
A: Like the creators of other roguelikes, we think this makes gaming much more exciting, since you must take full responsibility of all your actions. You have only one chance to live or die. Also, we agree that "normal" saveloading is OK for games which remain the same in all gaming sessions, since in these you are not meant to really die as replaying everything in exactly the same way would be annoying. But the same does not apply to games with a multitude of random areas and events like IVAN; the whole fun is trying again and again in everchanging environment, encountering stranger and more complex situations and becoming better and better in tackling them.

Q: Can't you reconsider your opinion about saveloading?
A: No. There are the two things we swore never to do when starting the project: discarding permadeath and making IVAN a 3D action game. Don't bother us about this question anymore.

Q: Not even as an "easy" game option? Pretty please?
A: Shut up.

Q: What do these strange markings like Dex, Agi mean in the right sidebar?
AStr = Arm Strength - Increases damage inflicted on enemies
LStr = Leg Strength - Increases carrying capacity and kicking damage
Dex = Dexterity - Increases accuracy and hit speed
Agi = Agility - Increase movement speed and ability to dodge attacks
End = Endurance - Increases maximum health points and healing rate
Per = Perception - Increases sight range and accuracy
Int = Intelligence - Increases your ability to read and use magic
Wis = Wisdom - Increases your ability to deal with gods
Cha = Charisma - Improves your ability to negotiate and make deals

If there are two numbers visible after these the first is the attribute after bonuses and penalties obtained from your equipment or some other temporary reason. The second number shows the base attribute without the said modifications. If there is no net-bonus or net-minus, only the base attribute is shown.

If the first number is green, then it has increased a short while ago and if it is red it has decreased.

Siz = Size or height, in cm - Increases your enemies' chance to hit you
HP = Health Points - The sum of your bodyparts' HPs
Gold = The amount of money you have
Day & Time = The amount of absolute game time you have spent in this game
Turn = The turns (commands which take time) you have used in this game

Q: I had 20 HPs, but I still died. Is this a bug?
A: No, this is not a bug. You will die (at least in human-form) if the HPs of your groin, torso or head reach 0.

Q: Why do I always miss spiders with my trusty iron mace?
A: Mace is far too big for hitting small creatures. Do you really kill spiders with such enormous objects in real life?

Q: What do marks like L+, C-- mean in the pray menu?
A: All gods have a property that tells whether they are supporters of Law or Chaos or if they are Neutral. This is however too general description so the plusses and minuses tell of slight differences between the gods. Eg Valpurus has the letters L++ this means that Valpurus is extremely lawful, when Sophos has the letters L-, which in turn means that Sophos is lawful, but still leaning a bit towards neutrality and even chaos.

Q: I just lost a leg. How do I get it back?
A: Certain gods, potions and special characters may help you.

Q: How is score calculated?
A: First the kills of the player and his pets are merged to a single list. Then for every monster type, the score is calculated with the following formula

Score = sqrt(a) * b * b

sqrt(a) = Square root of the number of killed monsters of this type
b = Sum of the attributes of a typical monster of this type

The individual scores of the monster types are then added together. You also get a high bonus for winning, depending on your victory type (the score is multiplied by 2, 3, 4 or 5).

Q: Why does time pass so fast in the game?
A: Who has said the a day is as long in IVAN's world as on earth?

Q: How can I compile IVAN source code?

Q: I am a Linux / OS X user. Why can't I access the wizard (cheat) mode?
A: The wizard mode functions aren't compiled by default. Change the environment variable CXXFLAGS to -DWIZARD and recompile.

Q: I am a DOS user. When I try to run IVAN, I get the message "Load error: no DPMI - Get csdpmi*".
A: The DOS binary is compiled using DJGPP, so you need a DPMI server to run it. One should have been provided along with IVAN, but if that's not the case, download it from

Q: I've found a bug. What should I do?
A: Write a small description on how the bug occurred and if possible even how we could replicate it, and send this information by email to You can also report this bug on our forum:

You should mention your full name so we can credit you at the end of the AUTHORS file, if you are the first to discover this bug.

Q: I've got a great idea to make IVAN better! What should I do?
A: Describe the idea to us by sending it to or report it on our forum (see above). You will be credited if we implement the feature, it's non-trivial, and you're first to suggest it.

Q: I'm a programmer willing to help you. What should I do?
A: Join us on Github! Contributions are welcome. Fork the repository and then once you have made and tested your changes, submit a pull request. It will be reviewed by one of the admins as soon as possible.

See .customs.emacs file for the official Ivan C++ Programming Style.