@fejoa fejoa released this Dec 22, 2017 · 138 commits to master since this release

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  • Skeleton puppies!!!
  • Buffed chilling axes and scythes of terror, because they were triggering way too rarely.
  • Buffed regeneration. It no longer requires you to be at maxHP for it to trigger.
  • Item graphics from CLIVAN ported.
  • Beast claws from alien mod ported, they are rather rare weapons using unarmed combat skill.
  • Mangos and sausages added!
  • Masks, a new headgear, added. Necromancers wear them.
  • Taiahas ported from CLIVAN, but they don't explode when broken (they were unusable as weapons, which is stupid for a weapon) and are not normally generated - instead, they will be given as a quest reward in Mondedr.
  • Scroll of body switch can be wished for.
  • Cauldrons added, but not randomly generated. Can be used for special rooms (I have a vault with cauldron of healing liquid in mind ).
  • Some potted plants and clocks added to the Cathedral, to make it more homey.
  • Magic weapon price increased, per fejoa's suggestion. (Only of the new weapons, they had very low price.)
  • Magic weapons and artifacts made more rare, because they were spawning way too often.
  • New Fearless (Panic immunity) and Fasting status effects.
  • Ring of bravery!
  • Artifact armor "filthy tunic of martyr Bessica" grants disease immunity, fearless and fasting.
  • New horn of healing and horn of plenty.
  • New wand of webbing.
  • Golem room in Tomb of Xinroch now spawns only bone golems


  • Sirens no longer always sing
  • Possibly fixed overpowered zombies appearing early
  • Necro chamber now has divine room configuration
  • Goblin berzerker danger restored


  • Windows releases now via Travis CI
  • Added a code of conduct for the Attnam/ivan project

See v0509...v051 for a list of changes since 0.50.9