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@ryfactor ryfactor released this 25 Sep 06:12

--> Windows: Download <--

--> Mac: Download IVAN-v057-osx.dmg <--


  • NEW Black Market, an end-game shop to spend all excess gold in!
  • Added game lore and fiction to the Doc folder.
  • Magic helmets spawn with random materials.
  • Some helmets switched from full helmet to normal.
  • Keys now very rarely break when used.


  • New "expansive terrain" can help prevent blocking important entrances.
  • Improved item search algorithm.
  • Fixed ring detection to work same as scrolls.
  • Enable wishes for empty containers, make empty cans and empty bottles wishable.
  • No rotated pictures for equipments and newly-spawned items.
  • Do not aggressively upgrade dependencies for mac build.
  • Mirrored items cannot be dismantled into permanent lump of material.
  • Stop weapon swap from auto-stealing items in shops.
  • NPCs will sometimes talk to you on their own.
  • Possibly fixed the window context glitch in Windows.

See v056...v057 for a list of changes since 0.56