A command line tool to install base16 templates and set themes globally.
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base16-manager is a command line tool to install base16 templates and set themes globally. This helps a lot if you have multiple base16 templates installed and you like to shift themes every now and then.



Clone this repository and run:

$ sudo make install

Arch Linux

If you are using Arch Linux, you can install base16-manager from the AUR.

$ aurman -S base16-manager


Install using Homebrew.

$ brew tap chrokh/tap
$ brew install base16-manager


No Windows support at this time.


Usage: base16-manager [option]
 set              'base16-theme'         Sets the theme
 set-random                              Sets to a random installed theme
 install          'username/repository'  Installs a new template
 uninstall        'username/repository'  Uninstalls a template
 list                                    Lists installed templates
 list-support                            Lists supported templates
 list-installable                        Lists installable templates
 list-themes                             Lists installed themes
 update                                  Updates installed templates
 clean                                   Cleans up leftovers


// What templates are supported?
$ base16-manager list-support

// Install a bunch of templates.
$ base16-manager install chriskempson/base16-shell
$ base16-manager install chriskempson/base16-vim
$ base16-manager install 0xdec/base16-rofi

// What themes are installed now I have templates?
$ base16-manager list-themes

// Set a theme for all installed templates.
$ base16-manager set materia


  • If you want to use themes with i3wm you should read this and familiarize yourself with Xresources a tad.
  • If you are using chriskempson/base16-shell, you'll want to go through the configuration described there, and replace $HOME/.config/base16-shell/ with $HOME/.base16-manager/chriskempson/base16-shell/.
  • If you are using chriskempson/base16-vim with Vim, you should add source ~/.vim/colorscheme.vim to your .vimrc. If you are using NeoVim instead, you should add source ~/.config/nvim/colorscheme.vim instead.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for more information.