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Map specimens using simple XML configuration file and Google Maps API
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BerkeleyMapper 2.0 is a mapping interface for Collections (or other) Databases built on top of Google Maps. Users can configure their mapping interface through a simple XML configuration script while mapping data from tab-delimited text files.

This codebase is in active development, with many new features and interface changes from the prior version. The BerkeleyMapper instance running at is open to anyone mapping natural history collections data. The code is open source, so you may wish to setup your own instance running on another server. If you have any questions or feature requests please email the developer at "jdeck -at- berkeley -dot- edu"

Instructions for using BerkeleyMapper are found in the wiki


All external libraries are controlled by gradle, so to get started, you need to just:

git clone {this_repo}
# install gradle if you have not done so, then...
gradle build

The gradle build process will create a WAR file called dist/berkeleymapper.war

There is a file called config.props which you can create by copying the file config.props.template

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