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Continuous Integration Kit Build Status

CIKit - Ansible-based system that ships as an extensible package and allow building continuous integration and/or local environments for software development.

  • Need a VM for local development (JS, NodeJS, Java, PHP, Composer, Solr, Memcache, Selenium, Python, MySQL, MSSQL, Ruby etc.)? Not a problem - cikit init --project=test && cd test && vagrant up.
  • Wanna replicate a local (VM) environment on continuous integration server? Not a problem.
  • Need a park for CI servers? Not a big deal.

Currently based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (64 bit).

End of life

I'm glad to say CIKit has reached its end of usefulness. Now I have one project less for active development and that's great since we all got a single life (please contact me if you know how to get more) that shouldn't be spent all in work.

Nowadays, Docker and Kubernetees are fairly easier than any existing software for building development environments and that's what I suggest you to chose for new projects. Check out the simple presentation of why you should try to avoid using CIKit, DrupalVM, Lando, DDEV, Docksal, etc. -

Nevertheless, I'm still here for doing any necessary bugfixes, consulting and even accepting new features from third-parties.

Have fun!




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